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Building resilience, empowering communities: new fisheries project set to transform lives in Mozambique

Today marks a significant step towards a brighter future for Mozambique's artisanal fisheries sector. A new project that aims to transform the livelihoods of 90,000 artisanal fishers in five coastal provinces in the country has been endorsed with the signing of a US$63 million financing agreement between IFAD and the Government of Mozambique.

Global food crisis, poor nutrition and the effects of climate change need urgent action, says IFAD President

A global food crisis and the effects of climate change are taking a toll on those most vulnerable: millions of people – many of them small-scale farmers and their families – who are unable to afford a healthy diet. At this critical juncture, Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD, is visiting the Solomon Islands and Australia from 29 February to 8 March 2024 to collaborate on next-steps and to deepen IFAD’s strategic partnership with governments across the region.

MOPAN assessment of IFAD 2023

The Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) is an independent network of 22 member states with a shared vision to promote an effective multilateral system that delivers solutions to evolving global goals and local challenges.

Zero waste, full plates: winning with school meals - Episode 54

In this episode, we explore why we must pursue zero hunger and zero waste as joint goals. In particular, we look at how these efforts are crucial for children, who depend on nutritious diets for healthy development.

Prosperity or the planet? Luckily, they're not mutually exclusive

All too often, value chain development harms the planet by emitting carbon and degrading environments. That’s why to build truly prosperous rural areas, we must make value chains not just strong, but sustainable.

Twenty years on from the first Farmers’ Forum, four farming leaders weigh in

We asked four farmers’ organization leaders from around the world about current challenges, new developments and their hopes for the future at the eighth global meeting of the Famers’ Forum.

Sophie Grigson on how diversifying crops in Malawi cultivates sustainability and resilience

IFAD Recipes for Change chef Sophie Grigson travelled to Malawi to meet local small-scale farmers who are fighting back against climate change by diversifying their crops.

IFAD Member States approve ambitious $2 bn plan to reduce hunger and poverty for 100 million rural people

The 178 Member States of IFAD today adopted an ambitious agenda to improve the production, incomes, food security and resilience of more than 100 million rural people over three years.

IFAD highlights the transformative power of innovation for small-scale farmers

For small-scale farmers in some of the most remote corners of the world, innovation isn't just a buzzword. It's a lifeline with the potential to reshape the future of agriculture by generating and scaling up new ideas, new approaches and opportunities to sustainably overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Recipes for Change: Nsima with chicken casserole and khobwe balls

Learn how to make a delicious and sustainable Malawian meal with these recipes collected from rural communities by Chef Sophie Grigson.

Swaying the power of seaweed - Episode 53

Seaweed packs a punch. It produces more than half of the world’s oxygen and removes millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. It's also incredibly nutritious and easily cultivated, with seaweed farming making up nearly a third of all marine aquaculture.

Global leaders harness the power of innovation for small-scale farmers at IFAD’s 47th Governing Council

Heads of state, ministers, development and innovation experts and representatives of small-scale farmers from all over the world will gather in Rome to participate in the IFAD’s annual Governing Council.

El FIDA insta a entidades públicas y privadas a acelerar las inversiones en desarrollo rural en Perú

El FIDA anunció hoy que, durante más de 25 años, su apoyo en el financiamiento de proyectos de inversión pública ha permitido generar un impacto positivo para miles de comunidades y hogares rurales por un monto total de 345 millones de dólares, de los cuales 155 millones han sido aportados por el Fondo.

A guide to the pulses that power our planet

Pulses are at the heart of thriving rural communities, and an essential ingredient for a sustainable future. Learn about some of these superfoods – and how to cook them with our Recipes for Change!

Rebuilding livelihoods in Afghanistan’s rural communities

IFAD’s Crisis Response Initiative is helping pastoralists in Herat build resilience against crises by training pastoralists in animal husbandry practices, providing veterinary units with equipment and supplying high quality feed during winter months.

Innovation for a food-secure future

Heads of state, ministers, development and innovation experts and representatives of small-scale farmers from all over the world will gather in Rome to participate in IFAD’s annual Governing Council.

Strengthening rural value chains, one link at a time

A well-oiled agricultural value chain allow small-scale farmers to make the most of their produce. That’s why IFAD works with rural communities around the world to strengthen local value chains and overcome the challenges that arise along the way.

Call for proposals: IFAD grant for Programme in Rural Monitoring & Evaluation Phase III

This call for proposals is to select a recipient or consortium of recipients to receive IFAD grant financing to implement the Programme in Rural M&E (PRiME) Phase III for a total amount of up to US$1.5 million.

The wonderful power of wetlands

Wetlands are closely linked with our wellbeing – they protect against erosion, improve water quality, and host a vast range of species. Let’s visit some of these precious ecosystems and meet the rural people protecting them.

IFAD enters the SEK market, issuing 1 billion SEK sustainable bond to investors Skandia and Folksam

IFAD issued its first SEK club deal today, a strong indication of investors’ continued interest in IFAD. The lead investor Skandia, and Folksam, bought a seven-year one billion SEK sustainable bond to support IFAD in its mission to stimulate sustainable growth and inclusive development in rural areas of developing countries. Skandia led with a 900 million SEK investment, and Folksam complemented with 100 million SEK.

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