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A guide to the pulses that power our planet

Pulses are at the heart of thriving rural communities, and an essential ingredient for a sustainable future. Learn about some of these superfoods – and how to cook them with our Recipes for Change!

Rebuilding livelihoods in Afghanistan’s rural communities

IFAD’s Crisis Response Initiative is helping pastoralists in Herat build resilience against crises by training pastoralists in animal husbandry practices, providing veterinary units with equipment and supplying high quality feed during winter months.

Strengthening rural value chains, one link at a time

A well-oiled agricultural value chain allow small-scale farmers to make the most of their produce. That’s why IFAD works with rural communities around the world to strengthen local value chains and overcome the challenges that arise along the way.

Innovation for a food-secure future

Heads of state, ministers, development and innovation experts and representatives of small-scale farmers from all over the world will gather in Rome to participate in IFAD’s annual Governing Council.

Call for proposals: IFAD grant for Programme in Rural Monitoring & Evaluation Phase III

This call for proposals is to select a recipient or consortium of recipients to receive IFAD grant financing to implement the Programme in Rural M&E (PRiME) Phase III for a total amount of up to US$1.5 million.

The wonderful power of wetlands

Wetlands are closely linked with our wellbeing – they protect against erosion, improve water quality, and host a vast range of species. Let’s visit some of these precious ecosystems and meet the rural people protecting them.

In rural China, greenhouses bring new life to the desert

Growing food is a challenge in the harsh desert landscape of northwestern China. But thanks to new greenhouses built by a local cooperative, this village is bursting with fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

IFAD enters the SEK market, issuing 1 billion SEK sustainable bond to investors Skandia and Folksam

IFAD issued its first SEK club deal today, a strong indication of investors’ continued interest in IFAD. The lead investor Skandia, and Folksam, bought a seven-year one billion SEK sustainable bond to support IFAD in its mission to stimulate sustainable growth and inclusive development in rural areas of developing countries. Skandia led with a 900 million SEK investment, and Folksam complemented with 100 million SEK.

Navigating marine biodiversity for a better tomorrow – Episode 52

Marine biodiversity is a precious resource – but it has long been under threat. Today's coral reefs, for example, cover half the area they did in 1950, and nearly 10 per cent of marine life is at risk of extinction.

IFAD and Lesotho partner to support small-scale producers increase the value of their wool and mohair

A new financing agreement aimed at improving the livelihoods of wool and mohair farmers was signed recently by IFAD and the Kingdom of Lesotho by correspondence. The new project aims to increase the economic and climate resilience of 225,000 rural people.

Clean energy, thriving rural communities

Rural communities need energy to develop, but in a rapidly heating world, a green transition is crucial. Renewable sources, like solar power and biogas, are allowing them to prosper without relying on polluting fossil and wood fuels.

When it comes to measuring water security, lived experiences matter

Water stress is growing around the world. To effectively tackle it, a new approach assesses not only whether water infrastructure is available and working, but also whether it is meeting the needs of the people who rely on it.

IFAD partners with Hamkorbank in Uzbekistan to provide needed micro-loans to dairy and horticulture producers

IFAD is increasing its efforts to facilitate private sector engagement in rural development. By providing a US$2.5 million loan to Hamkorbank, a leading commercial bank in Uzbekistan, 1,500 low-income dairy and horticulture producers will be able to access micro-loans to increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods.

IFAD Vice-President calls for strong leadership to address root causes of hunger and rural poverty at Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference

As the climate crisis intensifies and multiple conflicts increase global instability, visionary and committed political leadership is more crucial than ever to address the root causes of hunger, extreme poverty, and inequitable food systems, warned Gérardine Mukeshimana, Vice-President of IFAD, at the Berlin Agriculture’s Ministers Conference of the 16th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture.

IFAD President makes first official visit to Algeria to promote youth employment and climate adaptation in rural areas

IFAD President Alvaro Lario will be visiting Algeria next week in his first official visit to the country since he was elected head of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in 2022.

Joint IFAD and IDB project in Brazil will improve the lives of 210,000 rural people in the semiarid Piauí State

IFAD and the Interamerican Development Bank have joined forces to increase small-scale farmers’ income, and improve food and nutrition security, in the Piauí-Canindé basins, reaching 210,000 poor rural people in Piauí, one of the poorest regions in Brazil.

Why camelids are key to a better future in Bolivia and beyond

Why has the UN declared this year the International Year of Camelids? IFAD’s Country Director for Bolivia, Daniel Anavitarte, explains why you should care about these extraordinary mammals – and why they’re key to sustainable rural development in South America and beyond.

La CEPAL y el FIDA proponen redefinir el concepto de ruralidad para mejorar las políticas públicas e impulsar la agenda de desarrollo socioeconómico

La Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) y el FIDA proponen una nueva aproximación al concepto de ruralidad en México y América Latina con el objetivo de focalizar la acción pública para reducir las desigualdades y avanzar en la consecución de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

Ahead of Davos, IFAD acts to increase concessional blended financing to encourage vital private sector investments in rural economies

As global leaders gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss financing today’s global challenges, IFAD is accelerating its efforts to catalyse increased private sector investments in rural and agricultural development.

Why we celebrate international days: your questions answered

There’s an international day for nearly every global issue you can think of. Learn how they come into being, the key observances for rural people – and why they matter.