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Call for proposals: Grant to apply a results based management approach to enhance project management for rural transformation

This call for proposals is to select a recipient or consortium of recipients to receive a three-year IFAD grant financing to implement the project: RESOLVE - Results based management for rural transformation.

One size doesn’t fit all: How to design a user-friendly climate insurance

Weather index insurance can protect and support smallholder farmers from climate-related disasters, providing them with means to buy food when harvests fail.

Five ways bamboo can fight climate change

With an estimated 30 million hectares throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia and the Americas, bamboo can provide a significant contribution to combatting climate change in the developing world, particularly in rural communities.

New tool improves the visibility of farmers and rural producers’ organizations

Grassroots and international farmers’ and rural producers’ organizations play an invaluable role as representatives of the farming community.

How savings groups are empowering women in Guatemala

Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America but it also has the worst rates of poverty and malnutrition. This is especially the case in rural areas and for indigenous communities.

Former Norwegian minister and diplomat joins IFAD as Associate Vice-President

Åslaug Marie Haga, a Norwegian national, has joined IFAD as Associate Vice-President of the External Relations and Governance Department.

Ethiopia and IFAD to increase access to financial services in rural areas threatened by climate change

A new US$305.7 million programme will help more than 13 million of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable farmers to increase and diversify their incomes, access financial services and build their resilience in rural areas threatened by climate change.

Wild honey of the Wichi people: a treasure to be discovered

In the community of Larguero, in the Chaco Salteño, a group of indigenous beekeepers are raising the profile of a unique wild honey

IFAD and FAO Investment Centre sign cooperation agreement

IFAD has long drawn on the services of the FAO Investment Centre (DPI) to assist it in its operational work at country level.

Funds from Sweden to help farmers adapt to climate change

The Government of Sweden has contributed approximately US$12 million to help rural farmers adapt to a changing climate and to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, IFAD announced today.

Interview with Recipes for Change Chef Pierre Thiam

As a chef, I believe that we have a responsibility and we should take concrete actions to tackle climate change.

20 podcasts we will be listening to in 2020

We asked colleagues for their favourite podcasts on topics related to development, food, agriculture and climate. If you are looking to learn something new check out our suggestions.

Action on Climate for Farmers - Episode 2

In this month’s bumper edition of Farms. Food. Future. presented by Brian Thomson, we’ve been all over the UNFCCC COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid.

New investment to commercialize small-scale farming for 300,000 Malawians

At least 300,000 highly vulnerable Malawian families will benefit from a new US$125.4 million programme that aims to increase their productivity and strengthen their market access.

What does it mean to be “smart” on planet Earth?

What are the global transformations required for our food systems to become sustainable in the face of climate change?

Call for Expressions of Interest: Capacity Building for IFAD’s Project Procurement investment portfolio (BUILD PROC)

As part of IFAD’s recognition of well-organized, transparent and value-for-money driven project procurement as a key determinant for development effectiveness, IFAD has approved a Grant under its Global/Regional Grants Programme to address capacity gaps in public procurement in borrower/recipient countries.

Community gardens pave the way for climate-resilient agriculture in Gambia

Climate change is affecting global food systems in such a way that those who already suffer from hunger and undernutrition are also the most vulnerable to the added threats from climate change.

Productivity and incomes of small-scale farmers increased through IFAD and Nepal partnership – new report.

Rural development projects financed and supported by IFAD have contributed to increased agricultural productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in Nepal, according to a new report presented today.

How agroecology can respond to a changing climate and benefit farmers

Current food systems are at a crossroads. There is a strong need for transforming food production and consumption patterns in a sustainable way. One where farmers adapt and build resilience to the increasing challenges from climate change and where nutritious food is available for all. Agroecology provides one solution towards this transformation.

IFAD opens Liaison Office in Riyadh to strengthen partnerships with Gulf

The United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will inaugurate its first Liaison Office in the Gulf Region today.

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