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Her land, her rights: How land ownership can transform the lives of women - and hold back desertification - in Niger

Meet the woman who fought for her right to land ownership and contributed to halting drought and desertification.

Transforming rural futures through digital remittances

Remittances are a lifeline for rural communities all over the world, here’s why we should continue to invest in digital transfers.

Remittances and diaspora investments are vital to boost agriculture and rural development, says IFAD President

“Making the most of remittances and diaspora investments can, paradoxically, curb the need for more to migrate. These flows are great contributors to the wellbeing of millions. Almost US$1.8 billion in remittances are flowing daily to low and middle-income countries, leveraging development opportunities. Half of that amount, US$900 million, is boosting agriculture and rural development” said Álvaro Lario, the President of IFAD at the opening session of the Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID) in Nairobi today.

Media advisory: IFAD President Alvaro Lario visits India to advocate for small-scale farmers and rural communities at G20 meeting

Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD, will attend the G20 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting in Hyderabad from 15-17 June to advocate for increased support for small-scale farmers and poor rural communities.

IFAD reaffirms commitment to help Pacific Islands cope with climate change impacts and boost rural livelihoods

An IFAD delegation to Fiji, Kiribati and Tonga, met royalty, key government officials, farmers’ organizations and other partners to discuss investments to promote inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth in Pacific Island countries.

IFAD launches A New Day film, highlighting transformative power of investments in small-scale farmers who feed the world, ahead of Global Financing Pact talks in Paris

As world leaders gather in Paris 22-23 June to begin laying the foundation for a new global financial architecture sensitive to the needs of developing countries, IFAD launches a campaign to scale up investments in small-scale farmers with the short film – A New Day.

A New Day is possible

Small-scale farmers in developing countries produce one third of the world’s food. But today they are only one flood, one drought or one failed harvest away from ruin. To stem the impact of climate change on food security and to reduce poverty, IFAD is calling for more investment in rural communities - now.

A New Day: Q&A with the people IFAD supports

IFAD's new film, ‘A New Day’, tells the story of Tunisia’s rural people and is a testament to their resilience as they battle to adapt to our changing weather. We speak to two IFAD-supported project participants about their daily struggles, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

Behind the Scenes of ‘A New Day’

IFAD’s latest film, ‘A New Day’, was shot in Tunisia amid soaring temperatures. Get a behind the scenes look of how we made the film, the people we met and the challenges of shooting in an area dramatically affected by climate change.  

IFAD President visit to China reinforces longstanding partnership to transform rural lives

Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD met key officials and partners, including Vice Minister of Finance Wang Dongwei and Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ma Youxiang, on a visit to China from 3-8 June to deepen the successful partnership between the People’s Republic of China and IFAD in securing decent lives and livelihoods for small-scale farmers.

Harnessing the potential of remittance flows and diaspora investments for international development: more than $600 billion is sent home annually

Even in times of crisis, remittance flows have allowed people in developing countries to be resilient and even prosper. Last year, the money sent home exceeded US$600 billion annually, half of which went to poor rural areas.

New IFAD initiative with EU funding to boost rural development in Kenya through digital remittances

IFAD and the European Union unveiled two new initiatives today in Kenya, that aim to boost rural development by making the use of digital remittance flows faster, safer and cheaper.

Cabo Verde is small in size but not in ambition

Despite its name, Cabo Verde is arid and water starved. IFAD AVP, Jo Puri, visited the archipelago to discuss its future with the country’s leadership and hear from the rural people IFAD supports about how we can improve their lives.

Why development is a smart investment even in unstable times

In an age of multiple intersecting crises, only a holistic approach to both humanitarian and development assistance can disrupt the cycle.

Debunking three myths about rural people and the environment

The world is full of misconceptions about rural people and the environment. Find out what’s true and what’s not, as we debunk three major myths.

UN Rural development agency partners with Amundi to issue IFAD’s largest sustainable bond to date

Today IFAD issued its largest private placement (€115 million) to Amundi Asset Management, to increase financing for inclusive and sustainable rural transformation.

Let's raise a glass to South Asia’s dairy farmers

Milk is widely produced in South Asia, but not without its challenges. Here’s how IFAD helps small-scale farmers across the region optimize their production.

A new strategy for a new country: IFAD supports youth in South Sudan

To transform rural lives we must build a strong understanding of the countries we operate in. Find out how IFAD is doing just that in South Sudan.

IFAD President visits Canada, advocating for greater investment in small-scale farming to alleviate global food crises

Today, Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD arrives in Canada to advocate on behalf of small-scale farmers and poor rural communities in developing countries, to be better able to boost local food production, adapt to climate change and build solid and reliable regional food supply chains.

Fighting water scarcity with innovation – Episode 44

This month we are focusing on water scarcity.

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