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Zero Hunger: Are we on track to achieve it by 2030?

The SOFI 2023 report reveals that many people are still going hungry, with the world’s most vulnerable regions and people worst affected. We explore what is causing hunger today and how we can make real change, now.

Bolivia: Más de 19 000 productores rurales fortalecerán su resiliencia al cambio climático con apoyo del FIDA

Con apoyo técnico y financiero del FIDA, el Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras de Bolivia ha anunciado la puesta en marcha de un nuevo programa orientado a incrementar los ingresos y la resiliencia climática de más de 19 000 pequeños productores rurales vulnerables en 35 municipios de los departamentos de Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, La Paz, Potosí y Tarija, y en las regiones del Altiplano, Chaco y Valles.

From bunnies to buffalo, livestock give rural women a living

Meet the rural women who are tending to livestock while earning a living and empowering themselves.

The people feeding the world should get their due

Despite their gruelling work, rural people all over the world aren’t getting a fair return. Find out how IFAD is empowering small-scale farmers to earn and produce more, while improving their working conditions.

Five decades of rural transformation: IFAD's greatest successes

Since its founding in 1977, IFAD has worked to enable rural people all over the world to overcome immense challenges and thrive. We take a look at some of our biggest successes over the years.

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