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Behind the Scenes of ‘A New Day’

IFAD’s latest film, ‘A New Day’, was shot in Tunisia amid soaring temperatures. Get a behind the scenes look of how we made the film, the people we met and the challenges of shooting in an area dramatically affected by climate change.  

IFAD President visit to China reinforces longstanding partnership to transform rural lives

Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD met key officials and partners, including Vice Minister of Finance Wang Dongwei and Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ma Youxiang, on a visit to China from 3-8 June to deepen the successful partnership between the People’s Republic of China and IFAD in securing decent lives and livelihoods for small-scale farmers.

Harnessing the potential of remittance flows and diaspora investments for international development: more than $600 billion is sent home annually

Even in times of crisis, remittance flows have allowed people in developing countries to be resilient and even prosper. Last year, the money sent home exceeded US$600 billion annually, half of which went to poor rural areas.

New IFAD initiative with EU funding to boost rural development in Kenya through digital remittances

IFAD and the European Union unveiled two new initiatives today in Kenya, that aim to boost rural development by making the use of digital remittance flows faster, safer and cheaper.

Cabo Verde is small in size but not in ambition

Despite its name, Cabo Verde is arid and water starved. IFAD AVP, Jo Puri, visited the archipelago to discuss its future with the country’s leadership and hear from the rural people IFAD supports about how we can improve their lives.

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