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IFAD awarded ‘diplôme d’honneur’ by the President of Senegal for its work in the country’s rural areas

Press release number: IFAD 24/04 Rome, Thursday, 1 July 2004 – The President of Senegal officially awarded the International Fund for Agricultural Development

USD 15 million loan to China will give rural poor people access to credit and savings

Press release number: IFAD 22/04 Shanghai , People's Republic of China , 27 May 2004 - More than 100 000 rural poor households in two provinces of China

A USD 15.1 million project in the Republic of Congo aims to improve agricultural development in rural areas

Press release number: IFAD 20/04 Rome, Thursday, 20 May 2004 – About 130,000 people living in poor, rural communities in the central area of the Republic

Community participation is the focus of a new poverty-reduction project in Turkey

Press release number: IFAD 19/04 Ankara, 6 May 2004 – About 200 villages in two of the poorest provinces in Turkey will benefit from a new project designed

IFAD to provide assistance to indigenous communities in Peru 

Press release number: IFAD 37/04 Rome, 11 October 2004 –More than 15,000 poor Quechua and Aymara households living in the Southern Highlands of Peru will

Norman Borlaug calls for more investment in Africa to achieve the same agricultural growth as in Asia in the 1960s and 1970s

Press release number: IFAD 36/04 Rome, 11 October 2004: According to Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution, the lack of national and international

IFAD project in Guinea gives rural poor families a chance to increase incomes and agricultural productivity

Press release number: IFAD 35/04 Rome, 8 October 2004 – More than 120,000 rural poor people living in the North Lower region of Guinea will benefit from

Ensayo sobre la pobreza rural en Michoacán recibe en México el Premio Nacional de Periodismo 2004

Comunicado de prensa IFAD 34/04 Roma, 6 de octubre de 2004 -  La pobreza rural y las deficiencias sanitarias que sufre la población indígena en el Estado

Fighting Poverty through microfinance tops agenda at Middle East and Africa Microcredit Summit Conference, 10-13 October

Press release number: IFAD 33/04 Amman , 6 October 2004 : The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is joining more than 500 microcredit

30 Milyon dolarlik sivas-erzincan kirsal kalkinma projesi hayata geçiyor

Press release number: IFAD 19/04 Ankara, 6 Mayis 2004 – Türkiye’nin en yoksul illerinden ikisinde yaklasik 200 köy, tarimsal üretimi artirma, istihdam

New USD 7.6 million program will encourage the use of remittances as a tool for rural development

Press release number: IFAD 18/04 Rome, 27 April 2004 – The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has joined forces

Poor communities to benefit from an IFAD-financed programme in Mauritania

Press release number: IFAD 17/04 Rome, Monday, 22 March 2004 – A new, eight-year programme in Mauritania will help about 250 000 people living in remote

Safer behaviours for better lives

Press release number: IFAD 16/04 17 March 2004, Rome – A new project in southern Nyanza, Kenya, will address serious social, health and environmental problems

New development project will reduce poverty in remote highlands of Pakistan

Press release number: IFAD 15/04 Rome, 9 March 2004 – A new project in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir region of Pakistan will build economic opportunities

United Nations agencies applaud new political focus on hunger and rural poverty

Press release number: IFAD 13/04 Agency heads meet with French President Chirac; advocate twin-track approach of emergency assistance and investment Paris/Rome,

Moldova receives USD 15 million loan to revitalize rural areas

Press release number: IFAD 14/04 4 March 2004, Rome – Business leaders and entrepreneurs of about 60 villages in rural Moldova will act as catalysts in

Fame e povertà rurale di nuovo al centro dell’agenda politica

Comunicato IFAD 13/04 I direttori delle tre agenzie ONU incontrano il Presidente Chirac – Un modello a doppio binario: aiuti d’emergenza ed investimenti

IFAD finances new programme designed to boost food security and incomes in rural Madagascar

Press release number: IFAD 12/04 Rome, 24 February 2004 – About 200 000 people living in rural areas on the island of Madagascar will benefit from a new

Poor families in remote villages to benefit from IFAD-backed development project in two Himalayan States of India

Press release number: IFAD 11/04 Rome, 20 February 2004 - Poor families, many of them headed by women, in two Himalayan states of India will benefit from

Rural poor communities to benefit from IFAD-backed project in war-torn eastern Sierra Leone

Press release number: IFAD 10/04 Rome, 20 February 2004 - A new project in eastern Sierra Leone will help rural poor communities hit hard by the country’s

IFAD’s Governing Council wraps up its 27th Session

Press release number: IFAD 07/04 Council approves new budget; takes critical look at trade issues 19 February 2004, Rome – The Governing Council of the

Las remesas de los emigrantes para detener la emigración

Comunicado de prensa IFAD 09/04 Roma, 19 febrero…Cándida Hernández y Merlin Peña forman parte de los 14,5 millones de latinoamericanos que viven en Estados

Proyectos de cooperacion con remesas de emigrantes

Comunicado de prensa IFAD 06/04 Roma, 18 febrero - El Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA) establecerá proyectos de desarrollo rural con remesas

Brasil fue elegido presidente del Consejo Gobernadores del FIDA

Comunicado de prensa IFAD 05/04 Roma, 18 febrero - El ministro de Planificación de Brasil, Guido Mantega, fue elegido por aclamación presidente del Consejo

Tackling unemployment and low incomes in a mountain region in North Central Algeria

Press release number: IFAD 04/04 Rome, 17 February 2004 – Women farmers struggling to make ends meet, young girls with limited education and unemployed

Strengthening rural financial services in Mozambique

Press release number: IFAD 03/04 Rome, 17 February 2004 – The development of micro enterprises is important for reducing poverty and fostering economic

Poor families to benefit from IFAD-backed development project in Sudan

Press release number: IFAD 01/04 Rome, Tuesday, 27 January 2004 – The poorest families of the Gash Delta and its surrounding rangelands in Sudan’s eastern

IFAD approves US$ 319.5 million in loans and US$ 6.4 million in grants to combat rural poverty in 17 countries

Press release number: IFAD 40/04 Rome, 7 December 2004 - The Executive Board of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) approved US$

IFAD President says rural development is key to achieving MDGs

Press release number: IFAD 39/04 Rome, 24 November 2004 - Rural development is the key to meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on poverty reduction,

Over One Billion People Lack Access to Basic Financial Services 

Press release number: IFAD 38/04 IFAD calls for greater access to basic financial services to lift millions out of poverty annually Rome, 16 November 2004

IFAD to provide loan for management of natural resources by poor farmer households in Lesotho

Press release number: IFAD 42/04 Rome, 17 December 2004 – A new US$12 million programme will help to improve living conditions of landless and small-scale

Dry zones in Sri Lanka target of new IFAD loan

Press release number: IFAD 41/04 Rome, 15 December 2004 - About 80 000 rural households in the districts of Anuradhapura, Badulla, Kurunegala and Moneragala

New US$14.2 million and US$2.4 million loans to help Sri Lanka recover from the tsunami

Press release number: IFAD 44/05 Rome, 1 December 2005 - Poor rural families and fishers whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed by the tsunami will

New US$13.9 million loan to assist the rural poor in remote areas of Bhutan

Press release number: IFAD 39/05 Rome, October 12, 2005 - Poor farmers and households headed by women living in the most remote villages will benefit from

New US$20 million project to support Government of Rwanda 's strategy to reduce poverty through improved agriculture

Press release number: IFAD 38/05 Rome - 7 October 2005 - More than 75,000 rural poor people in Rwanda will benefit from a project that will test innovative

Partnership is key to addressing global poverty crisis, say IFAD and OPEC Fund

Press release number: IFAD 37/05 Doha, Qatar, 1 October 2005 - On the eve of the Doha consultation on the replenishment of the International Fund for Agricultural

New US$2.1 million loan to help farmers and fishing communities recover from the tsunami disaster in the Maldives

Press release number: IFAD 36/05 Rome, September 25, 2005 – Fishing families and small farmers whose livelihoods were destroyed by the December 2004 tsunami

Organic World Congress: IFAD experiences from India and China

Press release number: IFAD 35/05 Adelaide, 20-23 September 2005 – The advantages of organic agriculture, which excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers

IFAD Executive Board approves loans and grants totalling more than US$110 million to combat rural poverty

Press release number: IFAD 34/05 Rome, 9 September 2005 - The 85th session of IFAD’s Executive Board approved US$102 million in loans to support rural

Bangladesh national round-table discusses impact of IFAD-supported development projects

Press release number: IFAD 32/05 Dhaka, 26 July - A national round-table workshop met on 24-25 July to discuss the impact of development projects supported

New US$17.4 million programme to increase access to financial services for rural poor people in Zambia

Press release number: IFAD 33/05 Rome, 9 September 2005 - A new development programme will strengthen and expand financial services in rural areas of Zambia,

New US$40 million project to help the poor in remote mountain communities of Northwestern Algeria

Press release number: IFAD 31/05 Rome, 13 July, 2005 - More than 190,000 people in remote mountain communities in one of the poorer parts of Algeria will

Farmers to manage project to boost agriculture and diversify income generation in Chad

Press release number: IFAD 30/05 Rome - 13 July 2005 - Smallholder farmers living in the Batha region of Chad will benefit from a new development project

At anerkende de oprindelige folks behov, er et vigtigt skridt mod at opnå 2015 målene

Press release number: IFAD 13/05 Eksperter samles aftenen før IFADs Governing Council session Rom, onsdag, 16 februar - Repræsentanter fra de Forende Nationer

Recognizing the unique needs of indigenous peoples is an important step to achieving Millennium Development Goals

Press release number: IFAD 13/05 Experts gather on the eve of IFAD's Governing Council session to discuss Rome, 16 February 2005 - Representatives from

New poverty reduction programme in Viet Nam targets women and ethnic minorities

Press release number: IFAD 12/05 Rome , 15 February 2005 - About 70,000 poor households in 841 rural villages will benefit from a new poverty reduction

New US$15 million IFAD loan to assist the rural poor in Falcon and Lara States of Venezuela

Press release number: IFAD 47/05 Rome, 29 December 2005 – Poor farmers and wage-worker families living in 28 micro-watersheds in the Falcon and Lara states

US$29.3 million IFAD loan will empower remote rural households in China

Press release number: IFAD 46/05 Rome, 16 December 2005 – A new development programme will benefit more than 300,000 poor rural households in China’s South

IFAD Executive Board approves loans and grants of over US$216 million to combat rural poverty

Press release number: IFAD 45/05 Rome, 13 December 2005 - The 86th session of IFAD’s Executive Board approved US$204.8 million in loans to support rural

IFAD ready to commit US$25 million in new funds for earthquake reconstruction in Pakistan

Press release number: IFAD 43/05 Additional funds are being reprogrammed from three ongoing projects Islamabad, Pakistan, 16 November 2005: A new project

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