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IFAD Annual Governing Council on 22-23 February

Bill Gates to challenge both global players and national governments to adopt a new approach to support smallholder farmers Rwanda's President Paul Kagame

The unlocking of Africa’s agricultural potential

  Save the date Media roundtable discussion: The unlocking of Africa's agricultural potential Date: Monday, December 10, 2012 Time: 11:45 a.m. – 12.30

Aviation Biofuels: IFAD calls for sustainable pro-poor development and small farmers engagement in developing countries

Rome, 22 November 2012 - An international workshop on Sustainable Pro-poor Development of Aviation Biofuels washeld in Rome today at Roma Tre University.

International workshop on sustainable pro-poor development of aviation biofuels

MEDIA ALERT "Sustainable Pro-poor Development of Aviation Biofuels" Possible ways to reduce aviation CO2 emissions, to allow airlines to cut spending due

International Workshop on Sustainable Pro-poor Development of Aviation Biofuels

Invitation to the MEDIA – Mark Your Calendar In cooperation with the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, the Vicariate of  Rome - Ufficio Pastorale

IFAD extends grant funding to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to boost food security

  Rome, 9 November 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide a US$68.4 million grant to the Democratic Republic of

Regional forum on IFAD’s operations in West and Central Africa examine impact

The Gambia to host 250 development practitioners from the region Rome, 9 November 2012 – A four-day regional forum organized by the International Fund

IFAD to provide funds for YemenInvest - Rural Employment Programme

Job creation for youth in rural economies  Rome, 8 November 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will extend a grant of US$9.07

Le FIDA et le Cap-Vert signent un accord de prêt de 15,8 millions d'USD pour créer de l’emploi aux jeunes ruraux pauvres

Rome, 29 octobre 2012 – Le Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) vient d'accorder un prêt de 6,3 millions d'USD  et un prêt supplémentaire

IFAD and Niger sign a US$21.46 million financing agreement to boost small-scale irrigation

A local farmer who has benefited from testing of millet varieties. He has access to more drought proof seed varieties in Guidan Tanko Village, Niger. ©IFAD/David

Creating business opportunities for a globally competitive agricultural sector

IFAD for capacity building of smallholders and their organizations Members of the Mwieri Kirinyaga Women's Group prepare baked goods in Narumoru Komburaeni,

Globally almost 870 million chronically undernourished - new hunger report

But there are hopeful signs that with extra effort the MDG target can be reached Nashiriek Melongoli plants maize seeds in Mswagini village, Monduli, Arusha,

The EU and the International Fund for Agricultural Development sign a partnership to improve sustainable agriculture

Today in Brussels, European Union Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs and the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFAD signs loan agreement with Colombian Government for innovative Trust and Opportunity Project

US$69 million project works ‘to build peace and enhance social inclusion' for 50,000 poor rural families     A portrait of cowboys and cattle in the background

Cooperation agreement signed between AFD and IFAD

3 October 2012 – On Wednesday 3 October 2012, the Chief Executive Officer of Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Mr. Dov Zerah, and the President

"Food shortages more serious than financial crisis" says Italy's Riccardi

IFAD and Gates Foundation enhance partnership Rome, 23 February 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) ended its Governing Council

Smallholders anchor sustainable development at Rio+20

IFAD President: Let's not wait another 20 years to focus on small farmers Rome, 14 June 2012 – On the eve of his departure for Rio de Janeiro, Kanayo F.

IFAD renews relationship with Botswana

US$5.65 million IFAD loan and grant to boost food security and incomes of rural poor people Rome, 21 February 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural

Prime Minister of Tonga launches US$4 million Rural Innovation Project 

Nukualofa, 3 October – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide a US$3 million grant to the Kingdom of Tonga to improve

La France aux côtés du FIDA dans la lutte contre l’insécurité alimentaire et la pauvreté rurale

Un partenariat au profit des petits agriculteurs pauvres Rome, le 2 octobre 2012 – Kanayo F. Nwanze, Président du Fonds international de développement

‘Increasing yields is only the first step to economic development’

IFAD President to address African Green Revolution Forum on transforming Africa's agriculture sector Oumar Diédhiou, 22, weeds a roselle (locally known

IFAD Governing Council to elect President for next four years

Rome, 24 September 2012 – The 36th session of the Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will elect a President

US$46 million IFAD loan and $1 million IFAD grant to improve Chinese smallholder farming families lives

Hani and Yi minority workers pick lichee fruit in Jiangcheng County. The project is financing the development of 7,200 ha of divers permanent crops which

Expert forum on aid and development in regions suffering protracted crises

Meeting on 13-14 September to focus on moving beyond disaster relief to longer term development in areas of chronic food insecurity Some two dozen countries

IFAD pledges US$41 million for agriculture and rural development in Yemen

Consultative Group Meeting in Riyadh announces US$6.4 billion for Stabilization Programme     ©IFAD/Giacomo Pirozzi Rome, 7 September 2012 – The Consultative

Seminar: How access to markets for organic and fairtrade certified products can improve smallholders' income in developing countries

Bologna, 5 September 2012 - The International Exhibition of Organic and Sustainable products - – (Bologna 8 -12 September2012) in coordination with the

IFAD to fund value chain programme to link small farmers to markets in Nigeria

US$74.4 million loan will aim to improve incomes of rural households     ©Amadou Keita Rome, 27 August 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural Development

Transfer innovations from research labs to farmers fields

IFAD President at IITA in Nigeria Rome, 16 August 2012 – Kanayo F. Nwanze, the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Madagascar to receive US$35 million loan and grant from IFAD and €14.29 million loan from Spanish Trust Fund

    Young men learn metalworking and soldering at a youth training center in Analamanga, Madagascar. ©IFAD/R. Ramasomanana Training will help increase

US$22.2 million IFAD loan to Sri Lanka for poverty reduction

Improved irrigation practices will help increase crop yields Rome, 30 January 2012 – The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide

Smallholder farming key to help Latin American economies recover from global crisis, UN rural poverty agency says

IFAD President in Brazil     The President of Brazil, Luis Inácio "Lula" da Silva, receives the President of IFAD, Kanayo F. Nwanze Rome, 15 June 2009—

Africa’s small farms hold the key to riding out the recession, says IFAD President

Kanayo F. Nwanze to speak on agriculture, jobs and public-private partnerships at World Economic Forum (Cape Town) Rome, 8 June 2009 – Unleashing the potential

UN’s rural poverty agency, IFAD, and the Islamic Development Bank reach landmark cofinancing agreement of US$1.5 billion in aid of the poorest people living in Africa, Asia and the Near East

Rome, 15 November 2009 – On the eve of the World Summit on Food Security, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the Islamic Development

IFAD approves US$204.39 million for rural poverty work worldwide

Executive Board concludes meeting in Rome Rome, 30 April 2009 – Poverty eradication efforts in nine developing countries received a boost this week when

Kanayo F. Nwanze, development leader, appointed IFAD President

Press release No.: IFAD/08/09 Rome, 18 February 2009 – The Governing Council of IFAD chose Kanayo F. Nwanze as its next president during its annual meeting

US$5 million to boost food production and income generation in Liberia

Rome, 22 December – A US$5 million grant to the Republic of Liberia from IFAD will allow 10,000 poor farming households, many headed by women, to better

Le FIDA accorde un don de 10 millions d'USD à la Côte d’Ivoire pour la réhabilitation de l’agriculture et la réduction de la pauvreté

Rome, 21 décembre 2009 – Le FIDA a accordé un don de 10 millions d'USD à la Côte d'Ivoire pour le projet de réhabilitation de l'agriculture et de réduction

What can you do about a vanishing nation?

An IFAD documentary "The President's Dilemma," at film festival in Copenhagen Copenhagen and Rome, December 11, 2009 - One country that scientists predict

IFAD Newsroom - IFAD makes US$25.04 million loan to Mali to consolidate microfinance services for poor rural people

IFAD makes US$25.04 million loan to Mali to consolidate microfinance services for poor rural people Rome, 1 December 2009 – A US$25.04 million loan from

IFAD Newsroom - IFAD President to Japan for first visit since taking office

IFAD President to Japan for first visit since taking office Food security and climate change on the agenda during two-day visit. Rome, 30 November 2009

IFAD Newsroom - Seven ways for seven days

Seven ways for seven days With one week left before Copenhagen, IFAD reminds you of the ways smallholder farmers are coping with climate change Rome, 30

Strengthening performance and sharing success: IFAD and its regional partners meet in Ghana

Rome-Accra, 30 November – Representatives of government, civil society and farmer organizations, the private sector, development partners, project staff

IFAD provides US$39 million to Ethiopia to improve the lives of pastoralists and their families

Rome, 26 November 2009 – A US$19.5 million loan and a US$19.5 million grant from IFAD to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia will support the delivery

US$6 million to boost rural and agricultural finance in Ghana

Rome, 23 November – A US$6 million loan to the Republic of Ghana from IFAD will allow rural poor people and smallholder farmers to achieve better livelihoods

IFAD President says developing countries, too, must make agriculture a funding priority

Rome, 18 November - On the final day of the World Summit on Food Security, the head of the UN's rural poverty agency said he was pleased to see how developing

UN rural poverty agency President on first visit to India since taking office

Food security, research and scaling up of projects on discussion agenda Rome, 19 November - Kanayo F. Nwanze, the President of the International Fund for

IFAD-financed projects and programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa work together on ways to boost agricultural productivity

Project and programme managers, experts in rural and agricultural development and IFAD officials discuss how market access and crop and livestock integration

IFAD provides US$18.33 million to boost crop maximization in Pakistan

Rome, 11 November 2009 – A US$18.33 million loan from IFAD to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will fund an innovative project to help smallholder farmers

UN rural poverty agency calls to heed small farmer’s voice in Copenhagen

Rome, 10 November 2009 – The five hundred million smallholder farms feeding at least one-third of humanity, who are feeling the harshest impact of climate

IFAD provides US$22 million to boost sustainable water management in Bangladesh

Rome, 6 November 2009 – A US$22 million loan from IFAD to the People's Republic of Bangladesh will improve rural livelihoods through investments in sustainable

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