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In Zambia, I saw rural resilience first-hand

IFAD Associate Vice-President Guoqi Wu shares insights after a visit to project areas in Zambia, which has been hit hard by drought.

Dry planet: drought and desertification, region by region

We asked IFAD’s climate experts how desertification and drought are affecting different parts of the world – and how rural people are leading the change that’s needed.

Uzbekistan and IFAD expand collaboration with the opening of a new country office in Tashkent

IFAD is proud to announce the opening of its new country office in Uzbekistan, marking a major achievement in IFAD’s long-standing commitment to support the country’s rural development efforts.

IFAD welcomes Canada’s generous contribution to fight hunger and poverty and urges other member states to do the same

IFAD applauds the announcement by the Prime Minister of Canada, today, at the G7 in Puglia, to commit CA$100 million to IFAD’s 13th replenishment, to support the world’s poorest rural populations in its 2025-2027 programme of work.

Digital remittances reduce poverty and drive rural transformation by connecting millions of ‘unbanked’ women and men, new IFAD-authored G20 report reveals

In celebration of the International Day of Family Remittances on 16 June, the G20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) has today unveiled a new report that provides evidence of the transformative impact of digital remittances, as a driver of financial inclusion and poverty reduction worldwide.

14 reasons why remittances are important

Remittances continue to matter more than ever, particularly in rural areas where they count the most and provide further opportunities towards rural transformation. Here are 14 reasons why.