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Investing in a better future: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia

The Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia is a dynamic region faced with many challenges. We caught up with Regional Director Dina Saleh to find out how rural people are coping with the realities of conflict and climate change and to understand why the right investments now can make all the difference later.

Indigenous Peoples partner with IFAD, Sweden’s Sida, and Packard Foundation to build resilience and adapt to climate change

As the climate crisis intensifies and the world seeks sustainable solutions, IFAD, together with its partners the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Packard Foundation, have today announced the recipients of the Indigenous Peoples' Assistance Facility grants.

In Egypt, PRIDE brings water to the wadi

Generations of farmers in Egypt have used valley beds to grow figs and olives, but today’s erratic weather patterns have caused land degradation, soil erosion and a drop in yields. Find out how water management technology is bringing these flavoursome fruits back to life.

While in Saudi Arabia, IFAD President calls for “strong global leadership and commitment” to combat global food and climate crises

In the midst of a tumultuous 2023 marked by heightened instability due in part to new and ongoing conflicts and the intensifying impacts of climate change worldwide, Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD, emphasized the critical need for “strong global leadership and commitment” to support the most vulnerable in rural areas of developing countries during his first official visit as president to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Connecting global financial markets to small-scale farmers: discover the impact of IFAD first sustainable bonds

IFAD will present to an audience of investors how the proceeds of its first sustainable bonds have been invested and how the investments are improving the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of small-scale farmers.

A Patchwork of Rural Lives

Rural people are safeguarding our planet with their generational knowledge, a unique affinity to the land and perseverance. They also grow much of the food that feeds us. But who are they beyond their role as farmers, fishers and herders?

Harvesting equality in rural households - Episode 49

Rural women are at the heart of agriculture – yet they’ve less resources, time and decision-making power than men. So how does IFAD combat gender inequality in rural communities?

Investing in a better future: West and Central Africa

West and Central Africa is as intricate as it is vast. We sat down with Regional Director, Bernard Mwinyel Hien, to better understand the region’s strengths and challenges.

Los agricultores en pequeña escala son actores fundamentales en la solución al cambio climático, asegura el FIDA

“Los productores agropecuarios en pequeña escala están particularmente expuestos a los efectos del calentamiento global y son actores fundamentales en la solución a la crisis climática”, señaló Juan Carlos Mendoza, Director de la División de Ambiente, Clima, Género e Inclusión Social del FIDA.