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Integrated farming strengthens climate resilience in Cambodia

Integrated farming provides ecosystem benefits and builds climate resilience. Find out how this system is strengthening Cambodia’s small-scale farmers and their communities.

In the face of climate change and increased global food insecurity, Member States reaffirm support to IFAD

Last Friday at the COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai, UAE, the Netherlands announced an historic pledge of US$150 million to IFAD.

Gender equality in rural areas essential to climate change adaptation, says IFAD President

In the face of escalating climate change impacts on vulnerable rural populations globally, Alvaro Lario, the President of IFAD, emphasized today that promoting gender equality in rural communities is essential to climate change adaptation, with women acting as powerful catalysts of change.

The world is not prepared for climate change

For rural people, the climate nightmare is a reality. They urgently need support to adapt to a changing world. To do this, IFAD is issuing three calls to action – find out what they are.

IFAD launches innovative financing mechanism to support small-scale food producers to adapt to climate change in Eastern Africa

Following the recent release of data confirming a sharp global decline in climate finance dedicated to adaptation efforts, IFAD and partners have today unveiled a new financing mechanism to boost support to small-scale food producers in rural communities in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to adapt to a changing climate.

​​​​​​​The USA contributes US$50 million to a new multi-donor trust fund addressing climate and food crises hosted by UN's IFAD

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, announced today at the COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai that the US will contribute US$50 million to the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS)’s new multi-donor trust fund, hosted by IFAD.

Persons with disabilities and IFAD join forces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

In a world of climate catastrophes, rising food prices and global instability, find out how persons with disabilities are taking their rightful place in the effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

IFAD at COP: Raising the voices of rural people

Follow IFAD's journey at COP28, as we showcase efforts towards sustainable agriculture, climate resilience and food security, and raise the voices of rural people all over the world.  

Small-scale farmers must not be forgotten if we want to feed the world and safeguard the planet - IFAD at COP 28

IFAD will urge global leaders at COP28 to urgently focus far more attention and funding to the hundreds of millions of small-scale farmers who feed much of the world and are key to global food security and stability.