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Food security and nutrition receive a boost in Mozambique

IFAD and the Government of Mozambique signed two grant agreements with a combined value of US$4.2 million.

Innovation matters, especially for small-scale farmers

IFAD applies the latest tools and technologies to support small-scale farmers. Here are six examples of innovations proven to work for rural communities all over the world.

Farmers in Mozambique rise to the challenge

Farmers in Mozambique face unimaginable challenges. We must continue to support them if we want to see rural communities lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. Norway's Minister of International Development, Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, shares her reflections on her recent visit to Mozambique.

SIDS, food security and climate shocks – Episode 45

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are facing unimaginable challenges, including worsening food security and climate change. Join us and IFAD’s Climate change and environmental specialist Oliver Page to learn more about how to help the islands’ small-scale farmers and fishers strengthen their climate resilience.

IFAD and European Space Agency use spatial technology to better serve the world’s poorest rural food producers

As current global crises converge, business as usual will not suffice. Leveraging innovation and new partnerships has become increasingly important as world leaders search for new ways to tackle hunger, poverty and the growing impacts of climate change.

France champions ambitious call to fund IFAD to ensure long-term global food security and stability

During the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact, held in Paris 22-23 June, France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, called on global leaders to substantially increase their contributions to IFAD.

The New Global Financing Pact must work for small-scale farmers who feed the world and live in poverty says IFAD President

The President of IFAD, Alvaro Lario, today called on world leaders attending the New Global Financing Pact Summit to find solutions that would significantly drive more funding to rural populations and the poor small-scale farmers who are key to global food security.

From the field to our plates, rural people are transforming food systems

Our food systems need to change. Around the world, small-scale farmers, fishers and rural producers are already leading the transformation – here’s how.

Lifelong hobbies become lifelines for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Since 2011, over 700,000 Syrian refugees have crossed the border into Jordan. Here, both refugees and host communities in rural areas frequently struggle with poverty as water scarcity, feed shortage and rangeland degradation make farming a challenge. Meet three refugees that IFAD is helping to face these challenges.