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Transforming innovative ideas into sustainable agriculture in West and Central Africa

Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation. To accelerate rural transformation while tackling rural poverty, food insecurity, nutrition, job creation and climate change, innovative ideas are needed.

Liberia and IFAD partner to improve smallholder farmers’ incomes and climate resilience

About 10,000 cocoa smallholder producers in Liberia will benefit from a new US$47.6 million project that aims to improve their food and nutrition security and raise their incomes by modernizing cocoa farming, increasing production and developing markets.

Cabo Verde, islands at the forefront of climate-resilient development

This week I had the chance to witness the impressive resilience and creativity of people working to improve agriculture in Cabo Verde.

How increased access to water shortens the path towards sustainable development in the Sahel

Every day Dienaba Sow travels 3.5 kilometres from her home in Hodio village towards Toung, in Senegal's Louga region, to collect water for her family's daily needs.

South-South and Triangular Cooperation can deliver rural solutions, reduce poverty and hunger

The world needs to harness the power of exchanges between countries in the Global South if we are to reduce poverty and improve food and nutrition security.

A new development paradigm - BAPA+40

A conference taking place this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina reminds us that developing countries today look as much to each other for help along their path to development as they do to the developed world.

El FIDA coordinará desde Panamá sus acciones a favor del desarrollo rural en Mesoamérica y el Caribe

Hoy martes 19 de marzo a las 08:30 tuvo lugar la inauguración oficial de la nueva Sede Sub-Regional para Mesoamérica y el Caribe del Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola (FIDA), la agencia especializada del Sistema de las Naciones Unidas que brinda apoyo financiero y asistencia técnica para promover procesos de transformación rural, inclusiva y sostenible a nivel global.

The illusion of choice

Consumers increasingly want to know whether the food and beverage brands they buy from are doing social and environmental good, including doing right by the smallholder farmers in global food supply chains.

IFAD-financed projects contribute to improved agricultural productivity and incomes in Sri Lanka

Rural development projects financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have contributed to increased productivity and incomes in Sri Lanka, according to a new evaluation report presented today in Colombo.

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