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India: Barring Malnutrition

With traditional crops abandoned for lucrative cash crops, malnutrition rates can quickly rise.

Central African Republic and IFAD to promote smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change

Nearly 30,000 vulnerable households will be better equipped to deal with the fragility created by past conflict and the impacts of climate change thanks to a US$29 million project announced today that aims to improve food and nutrition security in four sub-prefectures of the Central African Republic.

IFAD launches global campaign to close gender gap in agriculture and amplify the voices of rural women

On International Women’s Day, the United Nations' International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will kick off a campaign aimed at closing the gender gap in agriculture by drawing attention to the often overlooked contributions that rural women in developing countries make to rural economies, local communities and to improving the lives of rural families – men, women and children.

International Women’s Day 2019

In many parts of the world, women are more likely to be food insecure than men. That’s despite the fact that in many countries, many women work in agriculture and are responsible for preparing food.

Sierra Leone and IFAD to boost food security and incomes in rural areas

About 34,000 vulnerable rural households in Sierra Leone will benefit from a new US$72.6 million project that aims to improve food and nutrition security and raise the incomes of smallholder farmers by modernizing agriculture, increasing production and developing markets.

Workshop to review evaluation outcomes of IFAD-supported operations in Sri Lanka as well as future development plans

The Independent Office of Evaluation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Sri Lanka are holding a one-day workshop in Colombo to share the conclusions of an independent evaluation of IFAD's country strategy and rural development programme in Sri Lanka.

The Real Groundbreakers: Claudine from Rwanda

Through the power of a women’s farming co-operative in Rwanda, Claudine is using new techniques and seeds for better cassava harvests.

The Real Groundbreakers: Irma from Guatemala

Irma, a young Q’eqchi woman and farmer from Guatemala, is working to reforest over 400 hectares of land damaged by climate change, illegal logging and fires.

The Real Groundbreakers: Rekha from India

More school children are eating well because of Rekha, a business innovator in India who through a women’s cooperative is making nutrition bars with local rice.

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