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Women Powering the Farming Future - Episode 4

In IFAD's Podcast Episode 4, we gear up for International Women’s Day and look at how women are powering the farming future.

Cacao: How just one crop has boosted an entire country’s exports

Once considered the world’s largest cacao exporter, Sao Tome and Principe had significantly scaled back its operations after gaining independence in 1975. But with IFAD's assistance, cacao – the key ingredient in chocolate, and a major cash crop – is making a comeback.

The importance of agrarian development in India

Although our world continues to urbanise at an alarming rate, there’s no getting away from the fact that agrarian activities will always be necessary.

Call for Proposals: Mainstream Fintech and Agritech Technologies into IFAD’s portfolio of country programmes (Latin America and the Caribbean region)

This call for proposals is for a grant under the Global/Regional Grants Programme aimed at: Mainstream Fintech and Agritech Technologies into IFAD portfolio of country programmes.

Beating back climate impacts in Bhutan

Agriculture is the foundation of Bhutan’s economy, employing more than 70 per cent of the population. Bhutan has made huge progress overall in recent years in improving its people’s standards of living, though poverty rates remain high in the eastern part of the country.

Sao Tome and Principe and IFAD partner to improve nutrition and incomes in face of climate change

IFAD today announced support for a new project to increase incomes, improve food and nutrition security and build the resilience of at least 34,800 rural farmers of Sao Tome and Principe, an island country highly affected by climate change.

Interview with Recipes for Change Chef Robert Oliver

I have always loved food - how it brings people together, the smells and flavours of new cultures. I guess I associate food most with gathering, communion.

Urgent call for increased investment in rural development to address rising conflict

Government and development leaders today made an urgent call for greater investment in rural development to address hunger and poverty caused by conflict and climate change.

Global Citizen and IFAD announce partnership to mobilize billions of dollars to help end extreme poverty and hunger

International advocacy organization Global Citizen today announced a partnership with IFAD as part of Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream. Both organizations are calling on world leaders to help mobilize new investments in rural and agricultural development.

World leaders and celebrities call for greater investment to end hunger and poverty

Heads of state, ministers, development leaders, and celebrities today called for greater investment in rural areas to accelerate progress to achieve a world free from poverty and hunger in the next 10 years.

Mali’s President calls for solidarity as food crisis escalates across Sahel

Against a backdrop of an escalating security crisis where 4.3 million women, men and children are at risk of increased food insecurity and starvation in Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, President of the Republic of Mali, launched an urgent call to the global community to combine efforts and show solidarity in order to eradicate hunger and poverty in the Sahel.

Sahel Crisis leaves millions on the brink of hunger

Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, President of the Republic of Mali will address journalists against a backdrop of a rapidly escalating crisis across the Sahel,immediately following the opening of the IFAD annual meeting of Member States on 11 February.

IFAD to provide US$43 million to boost aquaculture in Mozambique

IFAD announced today support for a new project to reduce poverty and increase production and incomes for more than 88,000 rural small-scale fish farmers through aquaculture.

Mozambique and IFAD join to combat climate change and increase food security

IFAD today announced support for a new programme to increase incomes, improve food and nutrition security and build the resilience of at least 902,500 rural Mozambican farmers, in one of the African countries most affected by climate change.

IFAD and Tunisia invest in improving the livelihoods of poor rural families

IFAD announced support for a new project that aims to reduce rural poverty in the region of Kairouan, one of the most disadvantaged in the country.

IFAD awarded for advancing practice in knowledge and organizational learning

The Henley Forum has recognized IFAD with an award for Advancing Knowledge & Organizational Learning Practice during its 20th annual conference.

IFAD President calls on Member States to increase investment in rural development to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Gilbert F. Houngbo, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will today call on its 177 Member States to help the Fund reach its goal of doubling its impact on the lives of the world’s most marginalized people by 2030 - with a proposed US$30 billion programme of work over the next 10 years.

Connecting lives: immerse yourself in the virtual reality of life

Step into the real world of Mariamo Fermino Bilasse as she builds her business in Mozambique

Stronger together: The power of farmers’ organizations

Working together makes it easier for small-scale farmers to access resources and reach larger markets – and when farmers thrive, other players in the food system benefit too.

Talking about climate risk insurance with women in Ethiopia: How to improve value, access, and delivery

Women in Ethiopia and the world over play a huge and growing role in farming and food production.

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