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Call for proposals: Promoting sustainable technologies and marketing strategies to increase incomes and reduce food losses in small fish systems

13 November 2019

©IFAD/Andrew Esiebo/Panos

This call for proposals is to select a recipient or consortium of recipients to receive a three-year IFAD grant financing to implement the project: Promoting sustainable technologies and marketing strategies to increase incomes and reduce food losses in small fish systems for a total amount of up to US$2.5 million.

The recipient will be selected through a competitive bidding process through this open Call for Proposals. Eligible applicants will include multinational, regional, inter-governmental or national institutions, with a presence and relevant experience in the countries targeted by this grant. A key intention of the grant is to build local capacities to strengthen sustainability of interventions, therefore, a recipient which is a multinational or regional body needs to demonstrate linkages (expression to partner) with local institutions (NGOs, NARIs, etc.), and that a significant share of the grant funds is to be channelled through these local institutions. Applicants must demonstrate a strong focus, expertise and significant working experience in the promotion of technological solutions, research, resource management and business development in fisheries, aquaculture and related food systems.

How to submit a proposal

1.   Prepare a project proposal, to be submitted using the grant Design Document Template. The proposal must be aligned with the Concept Note and Additional Information provided in the Terms of Reference. It should also include a detailed budget using the activity based budget table. Bid validity period is required.

2.   Applicants' self-certification of eligibility for IFAD grant financing, duly filled.

3.  A brief institutional profile, detailing experience in the priority area and specific theme outlined in the Grant Concept Note and ToR, as well as in the region/country(ies) where the grant would be implemented.

Deadline to receive proposals is Monday 16 December 2019, 23:00 CEST.

Proposals submitted after this deadline will be considered ineligible.

All proposals and communications should be submitted via email to:

Interested institutions are requested to confirm by e-mail their intention to submit a proposal by Friday, 22 November 2019, 23:00 hours CEST.

Requests for clarifications may be submitted before Friday, 29 November 2019, 23:00 CEST. Questions asked by prospective bidders and answers provided will be available in the frequently asked questions & answers attachment, which will be regularly updated.