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24 OCT

New app ‘PostalPay’ will slash the cost of sending money from Europe to Uganda

Languages: English, Spanish, French
17 OCT

IFAD President Alvaro Lario heads to Finance in Common Summit in Côte d’Ivoire

Languages: English, French
14 OCT

UN's IFAD exceeds targets on helping rural populations move out of hunger and poverty

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
30 SEP

Alvaro Lario, global finance executive, takes helm at UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian
29 SEP

US Ambassador Cindy McCain’s visit to Sri Lanka highlights work on food security by FAO, IFAD and WFP

Languages: Arabic, English
21 SEP

Call for Proposals: Remittance Innovation Champions 2022 South Africa

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
21 SEP

IFAD, Japan and Bangladesh partner to bring smallholder farmers closer to international markets

Languages: English

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