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09 JUN

IFAD-funded project to help smallholder farmers make the transition to agroecology in Argentina

Languages: English, Spanish
08 JUN

IFAD’s bond issuance marks milestone, connecting capital markets to rural poor around the world

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
07 JUN

IFAD opens regional office to better serve the small-scale farmers in East and Southern Africa

Languages: English
06 JUN

La iniciativa “Anfitriones para la Paz” crea oportunidades para jóvenes rurales en gastronomía, agricultura y turismo, dinamizando y revalorizando los territorios

Languages: Spanish
06 JUN

IFAD and Government of Uttarakhand partner to double rural incomes and build climate resilience in the state

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French
02 JUN

More climate finance in support of small-scale farmers is urgently needed, warns IFAD at Stockholm+50

Languages: English
26 MAY

IFAD-funded project to create opportunities of employment and economic inclusion for rural youth in the Dominican Republic

Languages: English, Spanish

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