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07 SEP

IFAD report concludes that targeted policies focused on rural people will eliminate poverty in developing countries

Languages: English, Italian
06 SEP

Economic downturn threatens prospect to end extreme poverty by 2030, study finds

Languages: English
06 SEP

Importing food is harming the continent, UN agency head to tell African leaders

Languages: English, French
06 SEP

First Africa Food Prize Awarded to Kanayo F. Nwanze for Courageous Leadership in Fostering Solidarity with Africa’s Smallholder Farmers

Languages: English, French
29 AUG

Post-conflict Colombia should be a land of opportunities for small farmers, says UN agency

Languages: English, Spanish
26 AUG

Pacific Agribusiness Forum to discuss fortification of sustainable food systems

Languages: English
25 AUG

Transforming rural areas is key to reversing youth migration from East and Southern Africa

Languages: English, French
24 AUG

UN agency support to improve smallholder farmers’ agricultural production and access to markets in Bangladesh

Languages: English

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