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06 NOV

IFAD and Turkey establish a new sub-regional hub in Istanbul

Languages: Arabic, English
31 OCT

Building sustainable and resilient cities

Languages: English
31 OCT

IFAD and China invest US$183.5 million to reduce rural poverty through Agribusiness development

Languages: English
23 OCT

IFAD's operations support better living conditions for 50,000 rural Tunisian households

Languages: Arabic, English, French
22 OCT

Nutrition for girls: Save the Children / IFAD, integrated and multi-sectoral measures to save adolescent girls from malnutrition and prevent early deaths

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian
22 OCT

Invitation to bid: Pro-poor agricultural innovation system for sustainable and resilient agri-food systems

Languages: English
19 OCT

IFAD joins Lusophone member states and FAO to achieve sustainable family farming

Languages: English
19 OCT

La République du Congo (RC) et le Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) renforcent leur partenariat pour améliorer les conditions de vie des petits producteurs congolais

Languages: French
18 OCT

IFAD and Japan join global push to tackle poverty in rural areas

Languages: English

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