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With farmers on the climate frontline

Recipes for Change is a series of recipes from developing countries, which bring to you a taste of someone else's life. It gives you the chance to cook the same meal as the Hong family in the Mekong Delta or Olive Bibutsuwahoze and her family in eastern Rwanda.

These recipes look at the threats communities face through climatic change that affect some of the essential ingredients used in their main meal of the day. It shows you how IFAD is working with farmers to adapt to the very real impacts of climate change in their communities.

  • One in three people are dependent on smallholder farms for their food security
  • Smallholders are more often located on marginal lands where the impacts of climate change are more strongly felt, reducing crop yields and incomes
  • Small farmers need to adapt to climate change impacts now
  • Adaptation to climate change for smallholders can increase food security and income

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Recipes for Change: Moringa leaves with coconout - Sri Lanka

October 2019 - STORY
Sri Lanka is a small island nation in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean off India’s southeastern coast. Given that a large proportion of the population is concentrated in coastal areas, the country is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Recipes for Change: Te Mai Ae Tanna Kiribati

August 2019 - STORY
Breadfruit is one of the main staple foods of Kiribati. Breadfruit trees require a tropical climate to thrive and are therefore plentiful in the Pacific region. Breadfruit is a good source of vitamin C, thiamine and potassium for the local population.

Recipes for Change: Ema datshi and millet momos

July 2019 - STORY
Try the Recipe at home: Ema datshi and millet momos - Bhutan

Recipes for Change: Ema Datshi & Millet Momos from Bhutan

December 2019 - VIDEO
In this episode of Recipes for Change, Italian celebrity chef, Carlo Cracco, is in Bhutan to find out how farmers are rediscovering traditional crops that can help them mitigate the impact that climate change is having on their staple cultivations.

Recipes for Change: Moringa Leaves with Coconut from Sri Lanka

December 2019 - VIDEO
In this episode of Recipes for Change, Italian celebrity chef Rubio is in Sri Lanka to learn about moringa, a drought-resilient superfood that is helping rural households cope with the effects of climate change, increase their incomes, and improve their nutrition.

Recipes for Change: Sesame Fish with Sorrel Sauce

December 2018 - VIDEO
Traditional rainfall patterns are changing in Chad, making it increasingly difficult for the poorest populations who rely on small farming for subsistence, to successfully plant and harvest their crops.