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With farmers on the climate frontline

Recipes for Change is a series of recipes from developing countries that bring you a taste of someone else's life. It gives you the chance to cook the same meals as the Hong family in the Mekong Delta or Olive Bibutsuwahoze and her family in eastern Rwanda.

These recipes also examine the threats that climate change brings to rural communities, many of which affect the essential ingredients used in these families' main meal of the day. They show you how IFAD is working with farmers to adapt to the very real impacts of climate change in their communities.

Did you know?

  • One in three people are dependent on smallholder farms for their food security.
  • Smallholder farmers are often located on marginal lands where the impacts of climate change are more strongly felt, often reducing crop yields and incomes.
  • Small-scale farmers must adapt to the impacts of climate change without delay.
  • Adaptation to climate change can increase smallholders' food security and income.


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Our recipes

Our recipes

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Our videos

Our videos

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