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Persons with disabilities and IFAD join forces to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

December 2023

In a world of climate catastrophes, rising food prices and global instability, find out how persons with disabilities are taking their rightful place in the effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

COP: Where does it come from and where is it going?

November 2023

COP is an annual meeting where decision makers discuss how best to tackle climate change. But how did the summit come to be and what difference does it make for rural people? Find out here.

Bringing global finance to rural development

November 2023

The path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has never seemed more precarious. Find out how IFAD is using private investment to secure prosperity and sustainable development for the world’s poorest communities.

Fishing for a better future in Nigeria

November 2023

In Nigeria, aquaculture brings new opportunities to rural youth and helps to reduce the country’s unemployment rate.

How indigenous youth are grappling with climate change

November 2023

Climate change is having a huge impact on Indigenous Peoples all over the world. We sat down with three indigenous youth to talk about how erratic weather patterns are affecting their communities and how they are drawing on tradition and technology to cope with it.

In Egypt, PRIDE brings water to the wadi

November 2023

Generations of farmers in Egypt have used valley beds to grow figs and olives, but today’s erratic weather patterns have caused land degradation, soil erosion and a drop in yields. Find out how water management technology is bringing these flavoursome fruits back to life.

A Patchwork of Rural Lives

October 2023

Rural people are safeguarding our planet with their generational knowledge, a unique affinity to the land and perseverance. They also grow much of the food that feeds us. But who are they beyond their role as farmers, fishers and herders? 

A healthy diet for a healthy people in Laos

October 2023

IFAD is working to tackle malnutrition and food security in Laos. Find out how the Agriculture for Nutrition Programme has improved the diets of rural communities across northern parts of the country.

Everyone wins with school meals

October 2023

Find out how small-scale farmers can get locally grown food to the children who need it, when they need it, while earning a decent income and supporting their families and communities.

More food with every drop

October 2023

Water is key to food and agriculture, but with many parts of the world increasingly affected by water scarcity, it’s critical that we use it wisely. Luckily, small-scale farmers are up to the challenge.  

Sing for Rural Women

October 2023

Women are the driving force behind rural communities, yet they have less resources, time and decision-making power than men. Join us and Soweto Gospel Choir and sing for rural women so more people can hear why they matter.

With the right resources, rural women can change the world

October 2023

When rural women access finance, the entire world flourishes. Find out how financially empowered women are leading the fight against climate change, achieving sustainable development and ensuring food security for their communities and the planet.

Thriving in Türkiye: meet the women lifting themselves out of poverty

October 2023

All over the world rural women face numerous challenges that men do not. Find out how an IFAD-funded project in Türkiye is providing them with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

Four questions with IFAD’s new Vice-President

October 2023

Meet IFAD’s new Vice-President. Gerardine Mukeshimana discusses the importance of investing in rural communities, climate change adaptation and giving women access to resources.

10 ways to reduce food loss: lessons from the field

September 2023

Food loss occurring after harvest and before retail sale, also termed post-harvest loss, is a key challenge in many developing countries and one that IFAD is committed to alleviate.

This is what sustainable development looks like: How IFAD projects reap rewards long after they end

September 2023

Investing in rural communities is a long-term solution to many of the problems the world is facing – but projects must keep giving, long after they’ve come to an end. Find out more about IFAD’s longtail impacts across the globe.

How IFAD promotes peace

September 2023

Poverty is both a symptom and a driver of conflict. That’s why IFAD supports the poorest and most marginalized people as they contribute to a more peaceful world where everyone can access dignified work that fosters shared economic prosperity.

Why the Sustainable Development Goals matter: your questions answered

September 2023

As countries meet to evaluate how much progress has been made towards the Sustainable Development Goals, find out more about these 17 objectives and why they’re important for the rural communities we work with.

Earthquake devastates poor rural communities in Morocco

September 2023

A devastating earthquake in Morocco has rocked rural communities. IFAD’s team are on the ground to understand how our project participants and the projects themselves have been affected.

South-South action to confront development challenges

September 2023

Rural people across the world live in a dizzying array of contexts, yet they face surprisingly similar struggles. Through South-South and Triangular Cooperation, countries in the Global South learn from each other and share resources so they can overcome development challenges together.

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