Intensified Land Use Management Project in the Buberuka Highlands

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Intensified Land Use Management Project in the Buberuka Highlands

Intensified Land Use Management Project in the Buberuka Highlands

The initial aim of this project was to contribute to increasing production capacity among farmers and livestock breeders in the Buberuka Highlands, and subsequently in the province of Ruhengeri, to improve family food security and generate sufficient income to meet basic needs.

By implementing production measures (steep and gradual terracing, tree planting, marshland treatment) and by disseminating improved techniques (research and development workshops), it was possible to increase agricultural production and give farmers access to monetary income. Farmers and livestock breeders belonging to professional associations have therefore been able to participate actively in the socio-economic development of the project area.

Activities to give the poor access to microcredit have also had a major impact. Demand for credit has risen noticeably and loans are being repaid, demonstrating that progress has been made on the credit culture in Ruhengeri Province.

The increase in agricultural production and the adoption of new commercial crops have raised incomes and purchasing power. One of the products grown in the project area, maracuja or passion fruit, is exported to Uganda. The project area has become the country’s main supplier of potatoes, marketed through project-supported cooperatives.

Farmers have adopted modern livestock breeding techniques such as artificial insemination, and now use better equipment. Artificial insemination has helped in the effort to repopulate livestock decimated throughout the region during the war. The many courses offered to veterinary technicians and livestock breeders, and three new veterinary pharmacies, have improved animal health significantly.

The treatments carried out have been handed over to local representative structures, which are responsible for their operation and maintenance.

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Source: IFAD

Status: Closed
Approval Date
02 December 1992
1992 - 2003
Agricultural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 10.78 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 9.48 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
National Government US$ 1.3 million
Financing terms
Highly Concessional
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