Southern Federally Administered Tribal Areas Development Project

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Southern Federally Administered Tribal Areas Development Project

The project works to improve to improve livelihoods, living conditions and income-generating capacity for 320,000 poor rural households in Pakistan.

The new programme, covering 17 districts, will focus on the “ultra-poor” segment of the population residing in rural areas. It will aim to provide a combination of safety nets and sustainable livelihood opportunities. Participants will receive support through skills development, business literacy training and access to credit.

It brings irrigation and other technologies to the area to improve agricultural yields and animal health. It also provides access to credit, a safe drinking water supply and basic infrastructure such as rural roads. It introduces income-generating activities to improve poor people's living conditions, especially those of women.

Community-based organizations are being set up through the existing structure of extended rural households. The project also promotes the creation of women's groups to involve women in decision-making and in determining priorities regarding their needs within the community.

The total cost of the programme is US$149.8 million of which IFAD is providing a $82.6 million loan, it will be implemented nationwide.

Source: IFAD

Status: Closed
Approval Date
07 December 2000
2000 - 2010
Total Project Cost
US$ 21.86 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 17.15 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
Beneficiaries US$ 2.64 million
National Government US$ 1.89 million
Financing terms
Highly Concessional
Project ID
Project Contact
Matteo Marchisio

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