North-West Frontier Province Barani Area Development Project

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North-West Frontier Province Barani Area Development Project

North-West Frontier Province Barani Area Development Project

Frequent crop failures because of low rainfall, together with limited employment opportunities, have a negative effect on the living conditions of poor rural people in the area. Villages are small and remote, infrastructure is inadequate and agriculture is mainly at subsistence level. Many local men have migrated elsewhere in search of work, leaving women with a heavier workload. Illiteracy is widespread, particularly among women and girls.

The project's goals are to reduce poverty and improve living standards for communities in the area, especially for smallholders, landless labourers and women. The project works to improve basic infrastructure, health and education and the supply of safe drinking water, and to boost agricultural productivity. It builds on the positive experience of other IFAD projects in Pakistan, particularly the Mansehra Village Support Project. A priority concern is to address gender issues in ways that are acceptable to local cultures, encouraging women to form organizations through which they can determine their own priorities. It also makes credit available through microfinancing to help develop new livelihood opportunities.

This project is being re-designed to respond to the earthquake crisis.

Source: IFAD

Status: Closed
Approval Date
26 April 2001
2001 - 2008
Rural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 98.67 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 14.45 million
Co-financiers (International)
Asian Development Bank US$ 52 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
Domestic Financing Institutions US$ 1.21 million
Local Government US$ 20.11 million
Beneficiaries US$ 10.89 million
Financing terms
Highly Concessional
Project ID
Project Contact
Ya Mr Tian

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