Dabieshan Area Poverty Reduction Programme

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Dabieshan Area Poverty Reduction Programme (DAPRP)

The aim of this programme is to support innovative and diversified development modules in eight poor counties in Xinyang Prefecture, located in Hunan Province, east-central China. The objective is to increase incomes and reduce poverty in poor farm households, including very poor and vulnerable low-income families, in a sustainable manner that also promotes gender equality.

The programme works to strengthen agricultural support services so that participants have better access to knowledge that can improve their capacity to adopt improved technology. It supports the development of private farmers' cooperatives and ensures that their membership includes poor producers, who benefit from improved access to inputs and markets.

The programme focuses on three main areas:

  • Agricultural development and market access, linking poor women and men with sustainable production technologies, know-how, investment support and information
  • Strategic support to very poor people, improving their access to community infrastructure and services, and increasing their integration into agricultural production and markets
  • Support for village-level participatory planning.
Status: Closed
Approval Date
17 December 2008
2008 - 2015
Agricultural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 70.85 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 31.88 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
National Government US$ 38.98 million
Financing terms
Project ID
Project Contact
Matteo Marchisio

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IFAD President visit to China reinforces longstanding partnership to transform rural lives

June 2023 - NEWS
Alvaro Lario, President of IFAD met key officials and partners, including Vice Minister of Finance Wang Dongwei and Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ma Youxiang, on a visit to China from 3-8 June to deepen the successful partnership between the People’s Republic of China and IFAD in securing decent lives and livelihoods for small-scale farmers.