Rural Sustainable Development Project in the Semi-arid Region of Bahia


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Rural Sustainable Development Project in the Semi-arid Region of Bahia

This project aims to reduce poverty in rural areas of the Brazilian state of Bahia through increasing production, creating agricultural and non-agricultural work opportunities, and developing human and social capital. It seeks to strengthen the capacities of individuals and community and economic organizations in rural areas, as to support the development of sustainable productive activities and their insertion into value chains and markets.

Major components of the project include:

  • Building the capacities of the target population, mainly through the participatory formulation and implementation of business or work plans
  • Fostering productive development, including the provision of financing to improve agricultural production, develop agro-processing and non-agricultural businesses and sustainably manage natural resources.

The project will operate in 30 municipalities with high incidences of poverty and vulnerability in the semi-arid area of northern Bahia State. It will also benefit some of the beneficiary population of the Gente de Valor Project, consolidating economic activities promoted by that now-completed initiative.

Project activities will pay particular attention to the needs of women and young people. The project will also give priority to small rural producers' economic organizations, such as cooperatives and farmers' associations, that have income-generating potential that can be realized in the short term.


Status: Closed
Approval Date
11 December 2013
2013 - 2024
Rural Development
Total Project Cost
US$ 105.81 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 45 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
National Government US$ 50 million
Beneficiaries US$ 10.81 million
Financing terms
Project ID
Project Contact
Arnoldus Leo Julianus Hameleers

Project design reports

Project design reports

Project design report Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Environmental and social impact assessment

Final environmental and social management framework

Interim (mid-term) review report

Resettlement action framework

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Project completion report




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