Agriculture Diversification and Modernization Project (ADMP)

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Agriculture Diversification and Modernization Project

The project’s goal is to improve the incomes and livelihoods of rural people by increasing the inclusiveness and profitability of selected value chains through enhanced productivity and market access as well as improved natural resource management. The project will promote a demand-driven approach focused on analysing each step of the value chain and investing in those needs that have the potential to improve the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of value chain players, especially Dekhan farmers.

The Agriculture Diversification and Modernization Project (ADMP) has three interrelated components:

  • Inclusive value chain development, to promote the enhanced capacity and the sustainable and efficient performance of stakeholders as well as a productive environment for agribusinesses
  • Inclusive rural finance, to increase productivity and efficiency among targeted smallholders, enabling various actors to increase their investments in profitable value chains
  • Climate-resilient rural infrastructure through modernization of the inter-farm irrigation network operated by water consumer associations (WCAs), with the aim of diversifying agricultural production, increasing land productivity and improving WCAs' capacity for water management.

Project activities are concentrated in the Fergana Valley in the regions of Andijan, Fergana and Namangan. Target groups include rural low-income households on Dekhan farms, small private horticulture and livestock farmers, and agribusinesses. Special attention is paid to ensure the participation of women-headed Dekhan and private farming households as well as rural youth.

Status: Ongoing
Approval Date
11 December 2017
2017 - 2025
Credit and Financial Services
Total Project Cost
US$ 364.17 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 93.5 million
Co-financiers (International)
World Bank: International Bank for Reconsruction and Development US$ 200 million
Co-financiers (Domestic)
National Government US$ 27.04 million
Beneficiaries In-kind US$ 21.4 million
Other Domestic US$ 19.54 million
Financing terms
Project ID
Project Contact
Laura Mattioli

Project design reports

Project design reports

Agriculture Diversification and Modernization Project Design Report Region: Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia

Environmental and social impact assessment

Final environmental and social management framework

Interim (mid-term) review report

Resettlement action framework

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IFAD and Uzbekistan bring improved incomes and livelihoods to the Fergana valley

August 2020 - NEWS
More than 375,000 rural people in eastern Uzbekistan’s Fergana valley will benefit from new financing that aims to increase their incomes through the introduction of modern farming techniques, provide access to long-term financing for agriculture, and create jobs in rural areas.