Regional Program for the Economic, Social and Political Empowerment of Afro-descendant Populations

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Regional Programme for Economic, Social & Political Empowerment with Cultural Identity

The overall goal of the programme is to improve the social, economic and political inclusion of the Afro-descendant populations, with a special emphasis on women (50 per cent) and youth (30 per cent) living in the programme’s target area.

The target group will be composed of the Afro-descendant populations of targeted territories in Colombia (50 per cent), Ecuador (25 per cent) and Peru (25 per cent), consisting of small farmers, community-based organizations and service providers, and experts in rural development and public and political advocacy.

Status: Closed
Approval Date
23 December 2017
Fundación Acua
2017 - 2021
Total Cost
US$ 2.88 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 1.8 million
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