Young Leaders for Rural Development in SICA Region Programme

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Young Leaders for Rural Development in SICA Region Programme

The overall goal of the programme is to improve the social and economic inclusion of rural youth in the SICA region through dialogue, construction of targeted policies and initiatives, and mobilization of young people at regional, national and territorial levels.

The target group will consist of at least 4,438 rural youth from the eight SICA countries, of which at least 40 per cent will be women and 20 per cent indigenous peoples. Within these, 40 young people will be trained in territorial rural development (DRT) issues and policy dialogue, and 100 young local champions will be identified and mobilized. In addition, the programme will reach 1,995 IFAD project staff, key decision makers and key actors from public and private institutions at various levels, regional bodies and other regional and international organizations. Regarding access to land, 50 representatives from farmers’ institutions and land rights organizations and 48 rural youth will participate in platforms for dialogue and training.

Status: Closed
Approval Date
27 December 2017
Corporación Regional de Capacitacion En Desarrollo Rural
2017 - 2021
Total Cost
US$ 3 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 2.5 million
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