Strengthen Knowledge Management for Greater Development Effectiveness in the Near East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe

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Strengthening KM for greater development effectiveness in the NENA, Horn of Africa, Central Asia and Europe

The programme’s overall goal is to develop effective and long-term knowledge management capacities to support rural agricultural development in three target countries (with an additional two countries that may be added later). The objectives are to:

  • assess capacity and enhance the knowledge management skills of key rural institutions and other stakeholders in the Republic of Moldova, Morocco and Sudan (and two other countries that may be added); and
  • foster and promote knowledge exchange in-country, between countries and with regional partners to foster knowledge uptake, transfer and management.

The direct target group will comprise 160 people working in national public institutions across the target countries that can most benefit from work focused on rural poverty in middle-income countries and those experiencing situations of fragility.

Status: Ongoing
Approval Date
17 December 2017
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
2017 - 2021
Total Cost
US$ 2.12 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 1.8 million
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