Theory and practice of impact assessment in developing countries

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Theory and Practice of Impact Assessment in Developing Countries

The overall goal of this programme is to enhance in-country capacity for conducting impact assessments of rural development projects in developing countries, especially for officers from governments and development institutions (including those involved in monitoring and evaluation (M&E)).

The direct target group will include: (i) Government officers, development institution staff, researchers and employees of national statistical offices, researchers and practitioners from national universities, and research institutions in developing countries, totalling at least 600 (100 in each of six projects) trained on impact assessment methodologies, and given hands-on experience in designing and conducting high-quality impact assessments of rural development projects; (ii) At least 300 (50 from each project) staff from rural development projects, whose M&E systems will be improved as a result of lessons learned and best practices garnered from the training; and (iii) Other development practitioners, policy makers, technical specialists and researchers who will increase their skills through the extension of training and other capacity development via an online learning platform established by IFAD and C4ED, which will include data and results from these impact assessments. 

Status: Closed
Approval Date
01 December 2018
Center for Evaluation and Development
2018 - 2022
Total Cost
US$ 3.94 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 3.28 million
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