Sparking Disability Inclusive Rural Transformation Programme


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Sparking Disability Inclusive Rural Transformation Programme

The overall goal of the programme is that persons with disabilities, particularly women and youth with disabilities, become active participants in, and benefit from, rural development projects tailored to fit the specific profiles of their disabilities, priority needs, constraints and opportunities.

The objectives are:

  • IFAD rural development operations promote income generation for persons with disabilities through both formal and informal employment along the targeted agricultural and pastoral value chains;
  • IFAD, its implementing partners and other rural development professionals, networks and communities are aware of the barriers faced by persons with disabilities and are equipped with tools, methodologies and approaches to overcome those barriers through co-production of programmes and projects with all stakeholders.
Status: Ongoing
Approval Date
28 October 2020
Light for the World International
2020 - 2024
Total Cost
US$ 3.48 million
IFAD Grant Amount
US$ 2.5 million
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