Project for Strengthening the Resilience of Small Farmers to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Project for Strengthening the Resilience of Small Farmers to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

The PURRACO project goal is to alleviate acute food insecurity and the drop in household incomes that result from COVID-19 containment measures.

Specific objectives. Increase the resilience of smallholder farmers and rural organizations while supporting the rapid recovery of agricultural production and incomes through:

  • Rehabilitation of productive infrastructure (small-scale irrigation systems) and provision of agricultural inputs
  • Support to shortcycle animal husbandry

Report to the President: Proposed Debt Sustainability Framework grant

Status: Ongoing
Approval Date
30 March 2021
2021 - 2024
Total Project Cost
US$ 4.6 million
IFAD Financing
US$ 3.8 million
Financing terms
DSF Grant
Project ID
Project Contact
Paolo Mr Silveri

President's reports

Project design reports

Project design reports

PR PURRACO Design 2021 DOA Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Supervision and implementation support documents

Environmental and social impact assessment

Final environmental and social management framework

Interim (mid-term) review report

Resettlement action framework

PCR digest

Special study

Project list

Audit and Financial Statements

Audit and Financial Statements

Project completion report




Changing the narrative on Haiti

February 2022 - BLOG
Last year, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake caused more than 2,200 deaths and US$2 billion worth of damage in southern Haiti. In February 2022, a Donors' Conference was held to seek financial and political support for the reconstruction and relaunch of the region.

Small-scale farmers in remote areas of Haiti receive help for food production and COVID-19

May 2021 - NEWS
The Government of Haiti and IFAD today signed a financing agreement for a project that will help Haitian farmers recover from the impact of Covid-19 and increase staple food production.