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China and IFAD share the common goal of a world free of hunger. Since 1981, IFAD has been working with China to reduce poverty and increase food and nutrition security in rural areas. Most IFAD-funded programmes and projects in China operate in remote and mountainous regions, where there are large numbers of poor indigenous people. In recent years, IFAD’s support has been shifting from traditional food production to more diverse and innovative activities such as building climate resilience, improving access to market, enhancing rural financial services, and knowledge sharing, including through South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC).

China is both a recipient of IFAD’s investments and a significant contributor in terms of financial support and policy engagement. China’s role as a contributor is increasing rapidly, benefiting both IFAD and its members.

China has extensive policy engagement with IFAD. In recent years, IFAD’s President has met with leaders from the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture on multiple occasions to discuss and renew joint efforts towards rural poverty reduction. China also engages in policy dialogue through IFAD’s governing bodies, serving on the Executive Board, the Consultation on the Eleventh Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources (IFAD11), the Audit Committee and the Working Group on the Performancebased Allocation System (PBAS). China also currently serves as the convenor of List C Member States.

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IFAD calls on governments in Asia and Pacific region to invest in their rural youth

November 2019 - NEWS
With about 60 per cent of the developing world’s rural youth living in Asian and Pacific countries, specific and effective policies and investments are urgently needed to offer them a future, according to a report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to be presented at Peking University today.

IFAD and China promote climate-resilient agriculture and reforestation in Pakistan

December 2019 - NEWS
Climate-resilient and sustainable reforestation practices to support Pakistan's national development is the focus of a one-day seminar convened by IFAD and the governments of China and Pakistan in Islamabad today.

Knowledge-sharing and partnerships are key to eradicating poverty and hunger by 2030

June 2018 - NEWS
A high-level delegation of the Government of China, representatives from Italy, several African countries and United Nations officials, participated today in a workshop aimed at boosting the sharing of knowledge and building partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on eradicating hunger and extreme poverty by 2030.