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The Context

Honduras is a middle-income country in Central America that battles persistent poverty, food insecurity and socio-economic inequality. It is one of the poorest countries in the region, with nearly six in ten people living in poverty

Two in five people live in rural areas and one in four people are employed in agriculture. About 32 per cent of the country is agricultural land, primarily growing low-value crops like bananas, plantain, rice, maize and beans. 

Honduras faces various converging challenges, including social unrest, gang violence, economic problems, environmental degradation, mass migration, hurricanes and rising prices. It has one of the lowest levels of human development and the highest prevalence of undernourishment in the continent. 

The Strategy

IFAD improves income-generating opportunities for poor rural people, especially women.  

Key activities include: 

  • improving access to technologies and investments; 

  • integrating small-scale producers into value chains; 

  • strengthening the organizational capacities and bargaining power of grass-roots organizations; 

  • establishing linkages with the private sector; 

  • supporting Indigenous Peoples’ organizations as they voice the particular needs and concerns of their communities; and 

  • increasing the capacity of local governments to facilitate land registration and improve the efficiency and coverage of rural savings and loans associations. 

Results-based country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP):
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Country Facts

In 2020, the convergence of the pandemic with Hurricanes Eta and Iota led to a significant spike in poverty, affecting 57 per cent of the population.  

Two in five people live in rural areas. 

Over 18 per cent of people face hunger. 

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Republic of Honduras - Country Strategic Opportunities Programme 2020-2025 Type: Regional and country document, Country Strategic Opportunities Programme
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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IFAD loans and grants have supported the government’s investments in poverty reduction programmes since 1979. Before 1998, when Hurricane Mitch devastated the country,IFAD was almost the only institution investing in rural development and poverty alleviation in Honduras.

IFAD also designed one of the first projects to be implemented after the disastrous hurricane: the National Fund for Sustainable Rural Development Project (FONADERS).

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