How to do note: Interventions in support of NUS export markets

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How to do note: Interventions in support of NUS export markets

This How to Do Note is part of a series of five Notes that accompany the NUS Operational Framework.

The How to Do Notes offer recommendations on practical methods, approaches, and tools for use-enhancement of NUS in both design and implementation of IFAD-funded projects to support more nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

The Notes present approaches and project designs especially targeting Indigenous Peoples, who are the primary custodians of NUS and who can benefit strongly from their promotion for leveraging their multiple benefits for nutrition, climate resilience and income generation.

Specific consideration is made for approaches that can support empowerment of women, and youth through the use-enhancement of NUS.

The five HTDN in the series are:

  1. Crop selection for diet quality and resilience
  2. Assessing market needs and emerging opportunities in value chains
  3. Interventions in support of NUS domestic markets
  4. Interventions in support of NUS export market
  5. Policy and mainstreaming of NUS


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