Investing in rural people in Malawi

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Investing in rural people in Malawi

IFAD began operations in Malawi in 1981 and has provided US$224.9 million in financing for 12 programmes and projects. These have benefited 1,452,950 households at a cost of US$441.4 million. A country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP), approved in December 2016, sets out a framework for the partnership between IFAD and the Government of Malawi to 2022.

It builds on lessons from the four programmes included in the previous COSOP 2010-2015. IFAD has a comparative advantage in transforming smallholder agriculture by linking improved service delivery to community organizations.

Its approach in Malawi is to:

- Work with and strengthen district-level government services; and

- Deliver those services via community organizations to smallholder farmers.


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