Investing in rural people in the Pacific Islands

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Investing in rural people in the Pacific Islands

IFAD’s current approach in the Pacific Islands is centred on building partnerships. Since 2013, the amount of IFAD resources provided for projects and programmes undertaken with partners for the Pacific has substantially increased, from around US$23 million to about US$84 million in current financing.

IFAD’s existing portfolio in the Pacific has been successful in leveraging about US$158 million in additional investment by international and domestic partners.

Every US$1 invested by IFAD has leveraged about US$2 in additional development
partner investment.

IFAD intends to further expand its approach by:

  • providing more of its own financial resources for joint investments
  • attracting new partners and additional financing for agriculture and rural development
  • providing beneficiaries with greater access to technology and knowledge from partners in other regions
  • facilitating dialogue and joint initiatives in the agricultural sector.