IFAD in the thousand hills of Rwanda: Transforming agriculture into business

octubre 2018
A model for successful project implementation

Rural people and mobility: How to respond to opportunities in a changing world

octubre 2018
People’s movement between rural and urban areas is necessary for stable and vibrant modern economies.

Financing Facility for Remittances Knowledge Products

septiembre 2018
Since its inception in 2006, IFAD’s Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR), has produced a large number of publications and information material with global outreach. This pamphlet aims to provide the reader with a quick overview of each, with a link to the dedicated webpage.

Scaling up in agriculture and rural development

septiembre 2018
The who, what, where, why and how of Scaling Up.

Transforming rural lives Building a prosperous and sustainable future for all

septiembre 2018
IFAD’s vision of inclusive and sustainable rural transformation fits closely with the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda. We work to create the social and economic conditions that can transform rural areas into places of prosperity and hope, where people can build decent livelihoods. Increasingly, IFAD acts as an assembler of development finance, mobilizing resources from a range of sources to fund projects that empower poor rural people to grow, process and sell more food, increase their incomes and determine the direction of their own lives. 

The Smallholder and Agri-SME Finance and Investment Network (SAFIN)

septiembre 2018
The Smallholder and Agri-SME Finance and Investment Network (SAFIN) is an inclusive partnership of actors working in different parts of the global ecosystem for agricultural and related small and medium enterprise (SME) finance and investment. 

Resultados relevantes por cada proyecto

julio 2018
Las organizaciones indígenas parte del IPAF han identificado los resultados más relevantes de sus proyectos.

Los derechos colectivos de los pueblos indígenas sobre las tierras, los territorios y los recursos naturales

julio 2018
En la actualidad se reconoce ampliamente que el acceso seguro a las tierras, los territorios y los recursos naturales es fundamental para el desarrollo autónomo de los pueblos indígenas. De hecho, su relación con los territorios ancestrales y los recursos correspondientes es un elemento central de su identidad, pues constituye la base de sus medios de vida y está regulada frecuentemente por un complejo sistema de derecho consuetudinario y gobernanza. 

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development 2018 Asia-Pacific - Outcomes

julio 2018
A set of specific priorities and actionable outcomes resulted from the GFRID 2018. These are directly linked to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. 

The IFAD-GEF Advantage II: Linking smallholders and global environmental benefits

junio 2018
​In 2014, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) released a report celebrating achievements through its partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Since then, the world has been responding to critical environmental and climate challenges.

Farmers’ Organizations in Africa

junio 2018
The Support to Farmers’ Organizations in Africa Programme (SFOAP): Main phase (2013 - 2018) is a continental programme which strengthens the institutional capacities, policy engagement and engagement of value chains of African farmers’ organizations (FOs). The programme supports the 5 regional networks of African FOs (EAFF, PROPAC, ROPPA, SACAU and UMNAGRI), their members at national level, and the pan-African FO (PAFO).

Día Internacional de las Remesas Familiares - Apoyos en 2018

junio 2018
El 12 de junio de 2018, la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas adoptó oficialmente el Día Internacional de las Remesas Familiares como una celebración universalmente reconocida. En 2018, el Día ha recibido el apoyo de nuevos asociados y entidades del sector privado y de la sociedad civil.

Preparing Rural Communities to Cope with Climate Change through South-South and Triangular Cooperation – post-seminar brochure

junio 2018
In March 2018, IFAD and the Government of Pakistan organized a one-day seminar entitled “Preparing Rural Communities to Cope with Climate Change through South-South and Triangular Cooperation”.  

The Business Advantage: Mobilizing private sector-led climate actions in agriculture

junio 2018
​With private contributions becoming increasingly pivotal to global climate finance, it is evident that scaling up and channeling private capital is crucial in meeting the goal of achieving the Paris Agreement and limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level.

La Red de Inversión y Financiación en favor de las Pymes Agrícolas y los Pequeños Agricultores: Visión, líneas de trabajo, compromisos y gobernanza (2018-2020)

mayo 2018
La Red de Inversión y Financiación en favor de las Pymes Agrícolas y los Pequeños Agricultores (Red SAFIN) es una asociación inclusiva de agentes que actúan en distintas partes del entorno de las inversiones de las pequeñas y medianas empresas (en lo sucesivo, pymes) agrícolas y rurales conexas, con un particular interés en el acceso a la financiación y los servicios complementarios.