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How to do Note: Designing for and monitoring resilience for vulnerable rural households

noviembre 2022
The RDMT aims at providing a framework for building the resilience of rural households and a step-by-step guide to designing for and monitoring the performance of resilience-building interventions during project implementation.

IFAD Briefing Note - Gender and Climate: Scaling Gender and Climate Investments

noviembre 2022
IFAD's unique investing position serves as a starting point for a discussion on how it might scale up and support gender-based responses for adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

Informe sobre la Acción por el Clima 2021

noviembre 2022
Esta 4ta edición del Informe del FIDA sobre la acción por el clima tiene un alcance algo más amplio que las anteriores. No se limita a repasar los avances y resultados del año pasado, sino que también sitúa estos resultados en el contexto más amplio de la 11ª Reposición del FIDA.

IFAD Briefing Note - Climate and Conflict: What does the evidence show?

noviembre 2022
Climate and conflict are linked, and this briefing note summarizes the evidence about the relationship between the two, what role climate finance can play in mitigating their risks, and where policy recommendations can be made to address the vulnerabilities created by both.

IFAD Briefing Note - Climate Finance: Scaling Investments in Climate Smart Agriculture

noviembre 2022
This briefing note summarizes the fiscal and financial instruments the public sector can use to support climate-smart small-scale farming. The overall focus is on using limited public funds more efficiently and amplifying impacts.

Monetizing resilience benefits as a new financial tool to unlock private sector financing

noviembre 2022
This paper focuses primarily on climate resilience in the agriculture sector. If proven successful, this can be replicated in other resilience sectors such as water, forests and urban development to address shocks beyond climate.

Research Series 86: Incorporating the Impact of Climate and Weather Variables into Impact Assessments

noviembre 2022
This paper applies a methodological framework for incorporating current period weather and long-term climate conditions into impact assessments.

RemitSCOPE: Senegal Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
The Senegal diagnostic provides an evaluation of remittance market into Senegal, under a supply-based approach.

RemitSCOPE: Morocco Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
This report provides an assessment of the remittances market in Morocco.

RemitSCOPE: Uganda Country Diagnostic

noviembre 2022
This diagnostic provides an assessment of Uganda’s remittance market, with special reference to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a market-oriented approach.

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