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El FIDA y el Programa Marco del Fondo Verde para el Clima para la Iniciativa de la Gran Muralla Verde (GCF-GGW)

enero 2021
Este folleto ofrece una visión general de la iniciativa GCF-GGW.

Programa de Resiliencia Rural

enero 2021
Este folleto ofrece una visión general del Programa de Resiliencia Rural (2RP), un innovador programa marco que consolidará múltiples fuentes de financiación orientada a los pequeños productores y sus comunidades.

Directrices operativas sobre la participación del FIDA en el desarrollo de la cadena de valor en favor de los pobres

enero 2021
These guidelines address recommendations on ensuring that IFAD’s pro-poor value chain development projects reach out to women and the very poor, apply a programmatic approach when needed, promote an inclusive value chain governance, work with the appropriate expertise and partners, and build capacity for implementation.

La ventaja de la pequeña ganadería: Un punto de entrada sostenible para abordar los ODS en las zonas rurales

enero 2021
This report presents selected achievements and lessons learned from the growing portfolio of small livestock investments supported by IFAD.

Adaptation Framework Tool

enero 2021
The Adaptation Framework is a repository of adaptation actions for small-scale agriculture, including livestock, forestry, and fisheries. It provides an approach for incorporating adaptation practices into project design.

Mid-term review of IFAD’s Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme

diciembre 2020
This mid-term review assesses the extent to which the design and results to date of the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) are relevant for farmers facing climate change.

Managing agricultural risk through remittances: the case of Senegal

diciembre 2020
This feasibility study explains the role of remittances in agricultural risk management.

Fondo de inversión Yield Uganda Investment Fund (YUIF): Informe Anual 2020

diciembre 2020
Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy. The sector has however seen underperformance over recent years in comparison to other sectors within the economy due to the low level of value addition through processing facilities and also a lack of commercial private enterprises, thereby resulting in weak employment creation.

Research Series Issue 64: How the adoption of drought-tolerant rice varieties impacts households in a non-drought year: Evidence from Nepal

diciembre 2020
Stress-tolerant rice varieties (STRVs) are bred to be high yielding and tolerant to climate shocks such as drought.

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