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Grant Results Sheet CABI - Plantwise A country-based approach to improve farmer livelihoods

junio 2017
Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa experience losses equivalent to 30- 40 per cent of total yields due to pests that attack their crops. They need help to diagnose the problem and identify practical, economic, feasible and environmentally safe measures to deal with them. The goal of this programme was to significantly increase the productivity of key crops and/or improve household incomes for smallholder farmers by establishing plant clinics and training plant doctors.

Foro Mundial sobre Remesas, Inversión y Desarrollo 2017 - Recomendaciones

junio 2017
Con motivo del Día Internacional de las Remesas Familiares,los días 15 y 16 de junio de 2017, se reunieron más de 350 especialistas de los sectores público y privado en la Sede de las Naciones Unidas en Nueva York para el quinto Foro Mundial sobre Remesas, Inversión y Desarrollo2. Los participantes tuvieron la ocasión de debatir sobre los desafíos y oportunidades en el mercado de las remesas, presentar enfoques innovadores y modelos empresariales eficaces. Los debates se estructuraron en torno a la importancia de las remesas y la inversión de los migrantes para lograr los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) de ahora a 2030.

Nigeria IAP factsheet

junio 2017
The Integrated Approach Programme on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa targets agro-ecological systems where the need to enhance food security is directly linked to opportunities for generating local and global environmental benefits.

Five years of the AAF’S technical assistance facility

junio 2017
The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) has a mandate to increase economic and physical access to food for low-income Africans by providing technical assistance to the portfolio companies of the African Agriculture Fund (AAF). The AAF is a private equity fund created in response to the food security challenge across the continent, financed by African, European and US development finance institutions, and private investors. It is comprised of two funds; the AAF and a subsidiary Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Fund. As TAF enters its fifth year, this report reflects on the progress of 42 projects implemented to date through technical assistance to ten AAF portfolio companies.

Sustainable urbanization and inclusive rural transformation

junio 2017
The participation of rural stakeholders is central to promoting inclusive, mutually beneficial and sustainable urbanization. Globally, most of the world’s poor and food-insecure people are still located in rural areas. Undernourishment continues to be concentrated among populations based in rural areas, although a growing number of poor people living in urban areas are affected. It is thus critical that rural people and their organizations participate in designing and implementing development policies and programmes that have an impact on rural-urban linkages − for example in food security, territorial development, urban food planning, natural resource management or infrastructure.

Nutrition Mainstreaming in East and Southern Africa: Operational approaches

mayo 2017
Approaches and experiences in five countries from East and Southern Africa.

Research Series Issue 13 - Graduation models for rural financial inclusion

mayo 2017
Graduation out of chronic poverty has recently been receiving considerable attention by the global development community for its potential synergies with social protection, microfinance and livelihoods development approaches to poverty reduction. This paper examines the evidence regarding the effectiveness of graduation strategies in reducing extreme poverty, with a focus on rural households, and proposes a new analytical framework to support future work on graduation as a learning and adaptation process in development practice.

Research Series Issue 12 - An evidence-based assessment of IFAD’s end-of-project reporting

mayo 2017
Project Completion Reports (PCRs) are a critical tool for development organizations, both for accountability purposes, and as a means of learning from project experience to inform the design of future operations. This paper analyses a sample of PCRs from IFAD to assess the extent to which evidence is used to determine a project's effectiveness in bringing about development. The report finds that most claims on results are not supported by evidence, and discusses implications for the objective measurement of development effectiveness.

The JP RWEE pathway to women’s empowerment

abril 2017
Gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls is a pre-condition for the eradication of poverty and essential to achieve progress across all goals and targets set by the Sustainable Development Agenda. The JP RWEE facilitates transformation through rural women’s leadership, making gender equality and women’s empowerment a reality. Support to women's economic empowerment allows for increased influence, education and information for women to decide the use of their income, savings and loans, and the ability to make decisions about their life.

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