Investing in rural people in Ethiopia

agosto 2020

Since 1980, IFAD has invested US$751.6 million in 20 programmes and projects in Ethiopia, with an overall cost of US$2,157.6 million and benefiting more than 11 million households.

Livestock 4 Social Development Platform – L4SD

julio 2020
The Livestock 4 Social Development Platform is a joint venture between IFAD and the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock, open to livestock experts and practitioners around the world.

A decade of food loss reduction

julio 2020
14 per cent of the world’s food production is lost before it reaches the consumer. Food losses disproportionately affect developing countries, threatening people’s livelihoods, especially those depending on agriculture. 

Informe de la séptima reunión mundial del Foro Campesino celebrada en el FIDA

julio 2020
Los días 6, 7, 10 y 11 de febrero de 2020, se celebró la séptima reunión mundial del Foro Campesino, en coincidencia con el 43.° período de sesiones del Consejo de Gobernadores del FIDA.

La ventaja de la seguridad de la tenencia de la tierra: Un activo catalizador para la transformación rural sostenible e inclusiva

julio 2020
La Ventaja de la Seguridad de la Tenencia de la Tierra presenta un panorama general de la participación del FIDA en la seguridad de la tenencia de la tierra para los pobres de las zonas rurales.

Informe Anual del FIDA 2019

julio 2020

Conozca más sobre cómo la labor y las inversiones del FIDA están ayudando a abordar los desafíos mundiales de hoy y del futuro.

Grant Results Sheet: Land and Natural Resources Tenure Security Learning Initiative for East and Southern Africa – Phase 2 (TSLI-ESA 2)

julio 2020
This initiative's goal was to develop and disseminate innovative tools and approaches to strengthen tenure security in target communities using low-cost and gender-sensitive technologies. 

The IFAD–India partnership

julio 2020

India is a founding member of IFAD, and the IFAD–India partnership spans more than 40 years. India is not only the largest recipient of IFAD’s investments, but also a significant contributor,

How to prevent land use conflicts in pastoral areas

julio 2020
This How-to-do Note focuses on how conflicts over land and natural resources in pastoral areas can be prevented or transformed into positive outcomes. 

The United Arab Emirates–IFAD partnership

julio 2020

The United Arab Emirates played a major role in the establishment of IFAD in 1977 and has been one of its key supporters since then. Its support of IFAD has been fundamental in combating poverty and strengthening development activities in developing countries. 

The Kuwait–IFAD partnership

julio 2020

Kuwait played a major role in the establishment of IFAD in 1977 and has been a key supporter of IFAD for the past 43 years. 

How to do note: Gender and pastoralism

julio 2020
This HTDN complements the IFAD Toolkit along with the 2018 HTDN on Pastoralism, which highlights the importance of gender in pastoral production systems.