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Research Series Issue 50: Rural transformation and the double burden of malnutrition among rural youth in developing countries

diciembre 2019
In this study, we show that rural transformation processes are associated with improvements in rural youth nutrition – malnutrition and underweight – in nearly all regions, although the pace of change varies considerably across countries.

Serie de investigación 49: Clima y empleo para los jóvenes rurales

diciembre 2019
El cambio climático es importante para todos los jóvenes. Es particularmente importante para aquellos cuyos medios de vida dependen de la agricultura. Este estudio demuestra que la adaptación al cambio climático es factible y que las opciones aumentan a medida que aparecen nuevas tecnologías y enfoques de gestión.

Research Series Issue 48: Rural youth, today and tomorrow

diciembre 2019
Research on rural youth aspirations suggests that many young people are not averse to agriculture as such, but to agriculture’s current neglected condition

Research Series Issue 47: Landscapes of rural youth opportunity

diciembre 2019
This study is motivated by the consistent portrayal of agriculture and the broader rural economy in Africa as domains of opportunity for rural youth.

Research Series Issue 46: Economic participation of rural youth: what matters?

diciembre 2019
A key lesson is that lack of technical skills does not seem to be the biggest obstacle youth face in entering the labour force. Evidence on agricultural extension programmes suggests that peer-to-peer learning works best.

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