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The IFAD-GEF Advantage III: An integrated approach for food systems, climate and nature

agosto 2023
This third edition of the GEF-IFAD Advantage highlights the partnership's advantages in various domains, including food systems, biodiversity, climate change adaptation and land degradation.

IFAD Research Series 92: Climate Change Mitigation in the East and Southern Africa Region: An Economic Case for the Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Sector

julio 2023
This report is a guide to shape investments by IFAD and other international donors in climate change mitigation actions in the East and Southern Africa region.

IFAD Research Series - Issue 91: Addressing overweight and obesity in LMICs in the realm of rural development and food systems

junio 2023
This paper presents the findings of a literature review of the main drivers of overweight and obesity, described using a food systems framework and illustrated with examples from five countries.

Serie de investigaciones del FIDA 90: Cuarenta años de transformación rural, aumento de los ingresos y reducción de la pobreza en las provincias de China

junio 2023
China ha experimentado una rápida transformación rural en los últimos 40 años, que ha ido acompañada del aumento de los ingresos de los hogares rurales y la reducción de la pobreza rural. En este documento se examinan la transformación rural de las provincias del país y sus principales logros.

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