Toolkit: Loan guarantee funds

octubre 2014
This note provides an overview on Loan Guarantee Funds highlighting the main issues, challenges, opportunities and benefits.

Toolkit: Metodologías basadas en los hogares: aprovechar el potencial de cambio de las familias

octubre 2014
The toolkit on Household Methodologies (HHMs) is composed of three parts.

Toolkit: Proyectos de desarrollo de cadenas de valor de productos básicos

octubre 2014

Strong links to markets for poor rural producers are essential to increasing agricultural income, generating economic growth in rural areas and reducing hunger and poverty. Every product that is sold locally, nationally or internationally is often part of an agricultural value chain (VC). From a development perspective, VCs are one of the instruments through which market forces can be harnessed to benefit poor rural women and men – not just producers, but wage earners, service providers and others.

Caja de herramientas: La tenencia de la tierra en las operaciones financiadas por el FIDA

octubre 2014
Por tenencia de la tierra se entiende las normas, autoridades, instituciones, derechos y reglamentaciones que rigen el acceso a la tierra, su control y el de los recursos relacionados con ella. 

The IFAD-GEF Advantage: Partnering for a sustainable world

mayo 2014

In 2001, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council approved the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as an executing agency under its policy of expanded opportunities for executing agencies. 

The Gender Advantage: Women on the front line of climate change

marzo 2014

This publication illustrates IFAD’s experience in closing the gender gap and mobilizing the ‘gender advantage’ in climate change adaptation through ten case studies from across the world.