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Lessons learned: Key performance indicators and performance-based agreements

octubre 2014
Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used in an IFAD-sponsored project to measure performance in a regular and consistent manner. This note discusses the use of KPIs as well as the challenges associated with it. This discussion is followed by a review of the lessons learned by IFAD and other organizations, and concludes with strategic recommendations for follow-up.

Case study: Gender Action Learning System in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Uganda

octubre 2014
GALS has been developed under Oxfam Novib’s (ON) Women’s Empowerment Mainstreaming and Networking (WEMAN) Programme since 2008 with local partners and Linda Mayoux. The use of GALS in value chain development (VCD) was piloted by ON and partners in Uganda through a small IFAD grant (2009- 2011). It was rolled out by ON with local partners in Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda with the support of a large IFAD grant (2011-2014) and in other countries with cofunding from other donors.

Notas sobre: cómo Diseñar proyectos de desarrollo de cadenas de valor de productos básicos

octubre 2014
Las notas contienen herramientas para el diseño y la ejecución de proyectos basados en buenas prácticas que se han recogido de la experiencia en el terreno. Asimismo, proporcionan orientación a los equipos para aplicar recomendaciones específicas acerca de las políticas operativas del FIDA, los requisitos básicos para la realización de proyectos y los instrumentos de financiación.

Lessons learned: Youth land rights and tenure

octubre 2014
This note aims to inform the design and implementation of results-based country strategic opportunities programmes (RB-COSOPs) and projects by describing how youth are affected by insecurity of tenure and how such issues have been dealt with. It should be used at strategy, design and implementation stages. The note explains the issues related to youth and land tenure and how they have been addressed in IFAD and other projects and programmes.

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