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How to do Note: Designing for and monitoring resilience for vulnerable rural households

noviembre 2022

The RDMT aims at providing a framework for building the resilience of rural households and a step-by-step guide to designing for and monitoring the performance of resilience-building interventions during project implementation.

Myanmar: Country Technical Note on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues

octubre 2022

Myanmar is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse countries in the Asian region, and ethnicity is a complex, contested, and politically sensitive issue in the country where ethnic groups have long believed that successive governments of Myanmar manipulate ethnic groups for political purposes.

Bangladesh: Country Technical Note on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues

septiembre 2022

There are different and conflicting opinions, and until very recently, acute shortage of reliable data and statistics, regarding the population size of the different Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh

Nepal: Country Technical Note on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues

septiembre 2022

Indigenous peoples of Nepal have been living in Nepal since time immemorial.

Nota de aprendizaje 2 del Departamento de Estrategia y Conocimientos del FIDA

septiembre 2022

This Learning Note showcases the methodology used for assessing the impacts of IFAD's investments on the livelihoods and lives of its project participants.