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Research Series Issue 44: Gender, rural youth and structural transformation: evidence to inform innovative youth programming

diciembre 2019
This study analyses sex-disaggregated data from various countries to characterize rural youths’ transition to adulthood by gender.

Research Series Issue 43: Youth agrifood system employment in developing countries: a gender-differentiated spatial approach

diciembre 2019
Little is known about the economic activities of rural youth. This study provides empirical evidence on this gap in literature.

Research Series Issue 42: What drives rural youth welfare? The role of spatial, economic, and household factors

diciembre 2019
This study uses the concept of the Rural Opportunity Space from economic geography literature to shed light on these questions.

Research Series Issue 41: The demography of rural youth in developing countries

diciembre 2019
Building on United Nations data, this study analyses how past growth of the youth population was dramatic in Asia and the Pacific, while projections suggest a sharp rise in the youth population of sub-Saharan Africa until 2050.

IFAD10 Impact Assessment: An Overview

diciembre 2019
To hold itself accountable on progress made in achieving this goal and these three strategic objectives, IFAD has adopted a unique approach to reporting impact at the corporate level, building on rigorous project-level evaluations. This report provides the results of these efforts to assess the corporate impact of IFAD investments for the Tenth Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources (IFAD10) period of 2016-2018.

PARM Final Report (2014-2019)

diciembre 2019
Read this final programme report for more information on the PARM processes and achievements in each country.

Investing in rural people in Pakistan

diciembre 2019
Since IFAD began its operations in Pakistan in 1978, the focus has been on combating rural poverty by promoting integrated participatory rural development.

Guía práctica - Cómo efectuar una evaluación rápida del mercado ganadero: guía para profesionales

diciembre 2019
Con la presente guía se capacita a los equipos de diseño de proyectos en las habilidades y herramientas básicas que les permitirán: i) determinar el tipo de datos que se necesita obtener; ii) seleccionar los métodos y la combinación acertada de herramientas para recolectar los datos, y iii) organizar y presentar los resultados para que puedan incorporarse al diseño de los proyectos.

Investing in rural people in Nepal

diciembre 2019
Nepal was one of the first countries to benefit from IFAD loans, beginning in 1978.

El Informe sobre la Acción Climática 2019

diciembre 2019
El Informe sobre la Acción Climática 2019 presenta un panorama general de la labor del FIDA en materia del cambio climático e informa sobre los progresos, desafíos y logros.

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